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Tigerstripe Hello World

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This section will guide you through a first installation of Tigerstripe Workbench and your first "hello world model".

Installing Tigerstripe Workbench

See Tigerstripe Installation Instructions.

Creating a First Project

To create your first Tigerstripe project:

  1. Select File > New > Project.
  2. Select Tigerstripe/Tigerstripe Model Project.
  3. Complete the wizard and click Finish. The perspective will automatically switch to the Tigerstripe perspective.
  4. To create a blank Class Diagram, right-click on that project, and you are ready to model away. Use the palette on the right to create your first model elements.

For more details, open the Help section of Eclipse. The Help Contents will contain a section about the Tigerstripe Workbench, where you will find details about projects, generation, and so on.

If you have more questions, you can contact us directly at

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