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Tigerstripe 0.5 stream

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(draft as of 12/05/08)


The Tigerstripe 0.5 release (codename 'Bora') will follow a feature rich release and thus focus on stabilization, bug fixes and performance enhancements.


0.5 Release Schedule
Date Build Comment
XXX' 0.5 TBD

Release themes

Generally speaking the 0.5 (Bora) release is intended to be a "stabilizing" release on the Workbench side, while we make progress on additional Core APIs for Tigerstripe to enable better EMF-model integration.

Bugzilla entries will be addressed based on their impact on Usability and Quality of the Workbench.

Improved Release Engineering

For this release we will work on the packaging and release engineering for Tigerstripe. Our goals are twofold:

  • Simplifying the installation: The current feature breakdown and current feature set is poorly documented and misleading. This leads to numerous questions on a how to even install Tigerstripe. We will re-work the packaging, the download website and update site to that end.
  • Better integration of JUnit tests in automated builds: up until 0.4.x, the automated build process doesn't run all JUnit tests available. For 0.5.x, we will ensure all tests are run and all reports are made available for download. In particular, automated GUI scenarios will be run on every build.
  • Code coverage measure: we plan to introduce metrics about code coverage to better assess the quality of the tests/code.

EMF-based Model API (M-API)

We are currently working on a plan for this work item. This API is intend to replace the current legacy API to manipulate the models while enabling better integration with all other sub-projects from the Modeling project.

Bugzilla backlog

The focus is going to be on Quality and Usability, so we will address bugzilla entries accordingly.

Documentation/Website/Wiki Update

A lot of the documentation and tutorial content needs to be updated to reflect changes introduced in the past releases. In particular, the documentation (as shipped with the workbench will be updated).

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