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TigerstripeF2f 20080421 Split


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In order to provide Tigerstripe as a proper framework, it is necessary to split components out of the current end-user workbench.

This should map to a set of Eclipse Features so that:

  • UI and diagrams can be optionally installed
  • the core functionalities for model handling and generation are available programmatically
  • Annotations can be used outside of Tigerstripe


By 0.3M1, split the end user-workbench in 3 features that would be individually available for download:

  • Tigerstripe Annotation Framework: containing the default annotation framework pre-integrated with IResources and IJavaElement.
  • Tigerstripe core: containing the core functionalities of Tigerstripe in terms of Model Handling, generation and headless runs. It also includes the integration of the Annotation Framework with Tigerstripe.
  • Tigerstripe Workbench: the end-user workbench including all UI aspects and diagramming features.

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