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TigerstripeF2f 20080421 Documentation-Tutorial

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  • Tigerstripe Help
    • Shipped with plug-in (ED)
    • Uploaded to wiki via build (ED)
    • Branding (ED)
    • Concepts
    • Tasks
    • References
    • Trouble Shooting
      • Audit Messages
      • Logging
  • FAQ (paragraph)
    • Adding Related Artifacts (ED)
    • Plug-in Properties
    • How do I access Stereotype values (RC) - Completed (Plus FAQ on method return stereos)
    • How do I access Annotation values (JW)
    • When to use Annotations vs Stereotypes (ED)
    • Workspace configurations (ED)
  • Tips and Tricks (single page)
    • How-to use Annotations (YS)
    • How-to run a Headless Build (JS)
  • Task Oriented Tutorials (detailed descriptions)
    • Clean up and Screen shots
      • Installation (JS)
      • Simple Model (RC) - Reviewed
      • Class Diagram (DK)
      • Instance Diagram (DK)
      • Facets (JS)
      • Import/Export (RC) - Draft sent to Chris for review prior to posting
      • Code generation (RC) - Reviewed New Miscellany section added
      • Simple Plug-in (RC) - Reviewed (No screenshots)
      • Advanced Plug-in (RC)- Reviewed (No screenshots)
      • Annotations (JW)
      • Profile (RC) - Reviewed (No screenshots)
  • Examples (referenced from tutorials)
    • Example Project
    • Example Tigerstripe Plug-in - Need several - one for Model Tutorial - one for Simple plugin, one for Advanced.
  • Glossary
  • JavaDoc (ED)
  • Contributor Documentation (ED)


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