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TigerstripeCommunity 20080714


  • (Cisco) Jim Strawn, E. Dillon, J. Worrell, D. Keysell, R. Craddock, S. Jerman
  • (Xored) Yuri Strot


  • Post ganymede migration
    • Richard noticed a few missing labels. Eric to fix label providers/content providers. Shouldn't be a big deal.
    • GMF upgrade to 2.1 triggered a number of changes on the look-n-feel for Class/Instance diagrams. (wrappingLabels).
      • "Type" showing on Enumerations (and not aligned properly)
      • Additional unnecessary <<>> on Associations/Dependencies
      • There are currently NullPointerExceptions being thrown when using Annotations on Method/Attribute/literals and renaming them.
      • NullPointerException too when using artifacts from modules on diagrams with annotations.
    • Steve noted some potential error on Manifest for TSRouter. Steve to bring it up if still a problem.
  • Componentized models - blocking issues
    • Basically 3 bugs to be taken care of by 0.3M0:
    • 240658, 239947, (duncan to create: link to Annotation definitions from TS Generators)
  • status on import/export (UML2 vs. XMI)
    • UML2 vs. XMI import/export not clear. Need clarification from TMF users. Also Eric to invite TMF TIP members to the Tigerstripe call as needed.
    • OCL export of Annotations. Bug 240157, updated by Tricia. Richard to investigate a additional Extension point to provide the right hooks.
  • Annotations related topics
    • Discussion with John (See dev list)
      • Fixed by Yuri (240630). Steve to update his defs of annotations. Small change in API.
    • Annotations on Diagrams
      • Seems to be all in place now. Still NullPointerExceptions in TS code (see above. Bugzilla to be created).
    • Custom editors
      • Next on Yuri's plate.
    • Enhancements to avoid searchs (brought up by John, to write an Enhancement bugzilla). This would be lower priority.
  • Attribute rename (Duncan) - Bug 240560
    • No longer able to reproduce. Duncan to resolve bug and keep an eye on it.

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