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TigerstripeCommunity 20080527

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  • R. Craddock, D. Keysell, E. Dillon


  • 0.3M2 Build going out.
  • Annotation Status Update
    • Still needing a lot of hardening. Eric to look into this this week as John is on vacation.
    • "MULTIPLY" Branch merge This contains the latest changes from Yuri. Will be (has been) merged. Tigerstripe integration update required.
    • Tigerstripe Integration:
      • Update for TAF new API.
      • Eric to look into refactoring integration
  • Use of Maps
    • Need to switch to using Maps properly.
    • problem with some plugins not granular enough to have one single owner. Need to coordinate. This is probably a good topic for discussion f2f in SJC (June).
  • Bugzilla Review: not much change there. Address those bugs marked as "Major".
  • OAW Cooperation
    • Call scheduled with OAW to explore potential areas of collaboration.

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