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TigerstripeCommunity 20080204

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  • E. Dillon, S. Jerman, R. Craddock, D. Keysell, E. Warnicke


  • Update on 3rd party .jar files to bundle in Tigerstripe feature: (E. Dillon)
    • Velocity: All info provided to Eclipse Legal. Expected to be complete by mid-february.
    • QDOX: still waiting on 2 questionnaires from QDOX committers. Ed to contact them again.
  • Annotations: (J. Strawn)
    • Goal: provide a generic framework to annotate any URI in the Eclipse workspace.
    • After integration with Tigerstripe, this would allow to annotate models and keep the corresponding

annotations separate from the model itself.

    • initial framework based on EMF and UI was demoed for feedback (on behalf of Jim who couldn't make it). No integration with Tigerstripe yet, only using URI of resources in the workspace.
    • great feedback. Even with limited features seems to shape up nicely.
    • AI: Eric to integrate with Tigerstripe so all "artifact components selections" would trigger the annotations.
  • Tigerstripe API refactoring (R. Craddock)
    • in order to provide a rock-solid, stable API to Tigerstripe we are re-factoring a lot of code.
    • At this stage most of core "Artifact components" has been cleaned up.
    • More to follow this coming week:
      • Implementing a "Working-copy" pattern for all persisted components (Projects, facets, etc...) to remove persistence details from the API.
      • Removal of unnecessary constructs that were used to avoid dependencies on Eclipse in the base plugin (for pure headless run will now be a true Eclipse Headless run).
  • TMForum Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal (E. Dillon)
    • Eric attended face2face meeting with Technical Teams of TMForum in Lisbon.
    • Present Tigerstripe Project update and 2 technical "hands-on" sessions on the use of Tigerstripe.
    • Tigerstripe has been used by OSSJ for the last 2.5 years, and considered a great success.
    • TMForum is planning to extend use to other teams in particular in the new TMForum Interface Program (TIP) which is just getting started.
    • Other teams including MTop and MTOSI are looking into how to leverage Tigerstripe in their work.
    • Overall, Tigerstripe being open-source makes it a lot more easy to be used in TMF.

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