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Template - Component Description


This page is a template for the wiki page linked from the header of each table on these pages: Components. If a component is implemented by only one Eclipse project folder (as is most often the case), then there MUST be two wiki pages created: (a) a redirect page with a nice "human friendly" name (e.g. I-Card Fribulator) that points to (b) a page that is named by the EXACT eclipse project name (e.g. that implements this component.

<one para intro>


  • <Description of the main responsibilities of this project or component>
  • OPTIONAL: mention of some key API methods


  • <put a link to a wiki page that listing features and enhancements that are being considered. This wiki page name should end in "<space>Backlog" and a link to it should be added to Higgins Backlog>

Add this at the bottom: [[Category: Higgins Components]]

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