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Template:Riena/Running the Examples

Running the Examples

Once you have set up the Eclipse IDE and the Riena Target Platform, you are ready to explore and run the code examples. There are three kinds of example types available.

Remote Service Application

This example demonstrates a client-server system, communicating over the network.

  • Open the New Project wizard (File > New > Project) and select Riena > Riena Remote Service Application.

Project template RemoteApplication.png

  • Type a project name (e.g. testapp) and click Next. On the following page, select the client type and click Finish.

Three plug-ins will be created with pre-configured launch configurations for the client and server parties.

Example Client

  • Open the "Plug-Ins" view and import org.eclipse.riena.example.client as source project:

Import source project RienaSetup.png

  • In the project RienaSetup, select the launch configuration "SWT ExampleApplication {{{1}}}" and add required plug-ins, then Run it.


Some specific techniques are demonstrated in the project org.eclipse.riena.sample.snippets, which can be imported using the "Plug-Ins" view.

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