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Technology/Subproject Termination Review 2012

This page is moderated by the Technology PMC and EMO.

  • Review date: December 2012
  • Communication channel: Talk:Technology/Subproject_Termination_Review_2012



Project Phoenix is no longer operating as an Eclipse project. All of the work on the Phoenix code is done directly on the website, managed completely separate from Phoenix. Planet Eclipse is considered to be part of Phoenix, but it too has been operating independent from the project for some time. It is time to terminate the project.

  • Archive website: /phoenix
  • Archive CVS: /cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.phoenix/
    • Note that we should wait for bug 360062 to migrate PlanetEclipse to Git before archiving.
  • Archive Downloads: downloads/technology/phoenix/
  • Archive mailing list: phoenix-dev
  • Archive forum/NNTP:
  • Archive Bugzilla: Phoenix/Phoenix

The project archive is here.


The Woolsey project never gained momentum. There is little chance that development resources will step forward to work on the project. It is effectively dead.

  • Archive Git /gitroot/woolsey
  • Archive website /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/woolsey
  • Archive Bugzilla (Woolsey/*)
  • Archive woolsey-dev mailing list
  • Archive Woolsey forum/NNTP
  • Archive IPZilla
  • Retire committers

This page is moderated by the Technology PMC and EMO.

The project archive is here.

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