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TPTP Project Ramp Down Policy for Ganymede

Ramp down for Ganymede

For reference, see the Ganymede Simultaneous Release, in particular the Milestones and Release Candidates.

Typically the last week of a Milestone is for testing, and fixing only regressions and P1 or blocking defects. For milestones, the Component Lead (or delegate) is enough to review and approve a bug.

For M6, we plan to be functionally and API complete and the remaining Release Candidates are for (only) fixing bugs, or fixing release required items (such as version numbers, licensing, etc.).

From M6 to RC1 on May 20th, we expect each Component Lead (or delegate) to review and verify their teams' bugs.

After the first RC is produced, other RCs will be produced, if needed, every week.

After the first RC is produced, the time for general functional improvements is long past. The following describes the types of bugs that would be appropriate:

  • A regression
  • A P1 or P2 bug, one that is blocking or critical, and some cases of major severities.
  • Documentation and PII files are exceptions to the normal PMC required review, since there is little chance of that breaking anything, though it is still expected to be complete by M6, and remaining work to be only documentation fixes (that is, no refactoring of plug-ins, build changes, etc, without PMC review and approval).
  • In addition to a bug meeting the above priority/severity conditions, there should be a simple, safe, well understood fix that is well isolated from effecting other components, that doesn't affect API or adopters, that has been well reviewed and well tested.
  • As each Release Candidate passes, benefit-to-risk ratio criteria is higher requiring PMC approval.


  • May 20th, RC1 produced
After the 20th, besides the normal component team review, at least 1 PMC member must also review and vote +1 after reviewing the bug for appropriateness and risk.
  • June 6
Do zip, update, site preparations
  • June 25

Exceptions to being Feature Complete in M6

This section lists features in plan for Ganymede that did not make M6, as planned. All these features can be finished up in the RC1 cycle and will be included in RC1. In preparation for delivering a translatable release and closing on the new function in the time line we had planned for, we had made sure that all of the new properties strings used in the UI by these enhancements are checked in before April 21. New strings generated after this time will be reviewed and approved using the must-fix approval process.

The following main features are still to be completed during RC1.

  • TPTP Platform Project
  • TPTP Trace and Profiling Project
  • Monitoring Project

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