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TPTP Profiling Initiative Feedback Summary


During the development of TPTP v4.5.2 iteration 1 and 2, invitation was sent to the TPTP and Eclipse communities targeting plug-in developers to evaluate the TPTP driver and feedback for improvement. This page summaries the feedback collected and tracks the defects opened to address the problem.

User Feedback

Issues User Descriptions Defects
Installation/Setup: Missing dependencies indication
* It is not clear to user what to select in the list features in order to install profiling support.
  • "I've added TPTP to my current Eclipse Ganymede, using p2. First I

installed only profiling feature and I had no monitors available. I then installed all in TPTP group in p2 install manager and was finally able to use Java profiling monitors (execution time, memory, thread, probe insertion). I have no idea which package should I have chosen to have monitors at the beginning. This may be issue for someone new to TPTP."

bug 259184
Agent action: Refresh vs Refresh view vs Unload Profiling Data
* Revisit the actions and display strings used.
  • "Trying to figure out how to get any profiling information, I went to

Profiling Monitor view, right clicking on different elements and pressing "Refresh" from context menu. It was asking whether to refresh from file system or don't refresh from FS (it is not intuitive for me what should I choose, as I don't know what is written to file system). Suddenly after one of those refreshes, everything had disappeared in Profiling Monitor - like the projects were removed, and after a while I got NPE (it was happening during profiling session)"

bug 259186
Statistics View: Maintain expanded node
* Persists user selection and tree state.
  • "Execution statistics view is hard to use during profiling session,

because whenever I expand some tree node, it's collapsed immediately."

bug 259189
Statistics View: Maintain column width
* Remember user customization on view attributes, eg column width.
  • "Execution statistics viewer again. Columns don't remember their width

settings. When I switch e.g. between Package and Class level information, columns restore to their original sizes. Generally columns could be wider - specially Package column (it's normal to have package longer than 15 chars) and calls (it's normal to have more than 100000 calls."

bug 259195
Documentation Improvement : filter configuration
* Add some sort of user guidance on filter configuration, eg. pop up dialog.
  • "It's not obvious where to find filters configuration in Monitor. (You

have to click "Edit Options" on Java profiling node in Monitor tab in launch configuration). It's not obvious why there are no filtering results, when launching profiling with default settings."

  • "It's hard to find filters settings window. It would be also cool if

the view had automatically showed, which classes and packages will be filtered with current filter settings. (e.g. by using packages and classes available in workspace). Without that, user has to spend 2-3 profiling sessions just to tune the filters."

Documentation Improvement : Memory consumption
* Document the additional requirement on memory consumption by profiler.
  • "If TPTP requires additional memory, it'd be good to have that documented

somewhere or have some message dialog popping out. Eclipse SDK defaults are not enough (256M for heap)."


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