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TPTP Miscellaneous

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Bugzilla Housecleaning Processes

4.5 Component Reorganization

Test Tools Project Code Snippets

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How to test TPTP with line level code coverage enabled

How to "Smoke Test" the new technology agent controller

4.5 Test Automation Initiative

Updating the TPTP Project Matrix

TPTP Build Tools

TPTP Build

Different versions of TPTP from a build perspective

Performance comparisons of the 4.3 "new tech AC" vs. "the RAC" vs. "the IAC"

Build to Manage

Here is some information about Build to Manage

Profiling problems in 4.4

Here is little problematic trip down profiling laneProfiling Problems in 4.4

TPTP Model

TPTP Model is covered in this page TPTPModel.

TPTP Model Scalability


In TPTP 4.4 there are two effort underway to improve the scalability of the persistence framework. The first is a longer term effort being done jointly with the COSMOS project to define a common set of data services for the kinds of data both projects deal with. This includes log, statistical and trace data as well as network topologies among other things. TPTP collects and provides access to this type of data in support of problem determination tasks done in a development an test environment. This is primarily done through an Eclipse based user interaction. COSMOS target larger scale execution environments than development and unit test, and also provides the prime user experience via a browser. For more information on the TPTP aspects of this effort follow this link. To read about COSMOS follow this link.

The original TPTP DMS page can be found here TPTP data persistence layer, which also contains information about the infrastracture used in the COSMOS EclipseCon 2007 demo.

TPTP Test Log Scalability

The second effort is more near term focused but has similar scalability objectives. Basically by using the concepts implemented in the Log Analyzer "large log" support, we will provide an optional RDB storage system for test execution logs. This will optionally load all the data directly into a relational database, and the UI will only query out the needed information. The intent is to remove the current limitation of the Test perspective which holds all data in memory and thus limits the amount of information that can be processed. For more information follow this link.

Eclipse DemoCamp TPTP Presentation


TPTP Installation with p2 Equinox

Notes on Building AC on Mac OS X

4.7 Component Reorganization

TPTP ramp down policy on Helios

TPTP retention policy

TPTP project metrix

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