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  • October 25, 2007


  • Present:
    • Alexander Bernstein
    • Joe Toomey
    • Paul Slauenwhite
    • Jerome Bozier
    • Jerome Gout
    • Kurtis Martin
    • Dawn Peters


  • Review of enhancement 166025 (Move, Copy, Delete, Rename and Import/Export test assets) to revisit this topic, design, and implementation for transitioning to Jerome B. and review for others.


  • Problem:
    • The Test Model stores relative references for linkages between test assets (for example, test execution results references a test suite).
    • When test assets are moved, copied, deleted, renamed, and imported/exported, the references need to be updated.
  • Requirements:
    • Generic solution for all TPTP models (test, trace, log, and statistical).
    • Recovery of broken references. For example, referenced resource is missing or not loaded.
    • Not dependant on the Test Perspective/Test navigator.
  • Jerome G. partially implemented a solution in TPTP 4.3 (September 2006):
    • Handles the delete, move, and rename use cases in the Test Navigator.
    • Requires the copy/paste and import/export use cases.
    • Uses the proxy nodes in the Test Navigator:
      • One proxy node per test suite is loaded to display a minimal amount of information for the tree in the Test Navigator.
      • The information is cached in a marker.
      • When Eclipse is started, only the proxy is loaded from the marker file, not the EMF resource.
      • The proxy stores a bi-directional reference between test assets that is updated for every copy and paste operation in the Test Navigator.
  • Proposed Design:
    • Proxy provides APIs for each operation that consumer can extend to contribute actions.
    • Actions would compensate for the side effect (for example, updating references when a test asset is copied) based on the operation.
    • An extension would allow consumers to specify the relationship between test assets.
    • The bi-directional reference between test assets in proxy would be updated based on the relationships defined in the extension point.
    • When test assets are copied/pasted, unique IDs will be regenerated.
  • Concerns:
    • Manipulating test assets outside of the Test Navigator (for example, Resource Perspective or file system).
    • Partial solution only applicable for the Test Model.
    • Partial solution is not a generic solution. The other TPTP models (log, trace, and statistical) may not even use references in their model.
    • Requires a call-back for every operation.
    • Compatibility preservation for extension point.
    • How to handle references to unsupported test assets.
    • Performance and scalability (for example, using the TPTP test bucket).

Action items

  • Jerome B. to define the core use cases (move, copy, delete, rename, and import/export) in the Description Document.
  • Jerome G. will attach the partial implementation to the Bugzilla 166025.
  • Paul will confirm if the other TPTP models (log, trace, and statistical) use references in their model.

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