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  • Present:
    • Paul
    • Joanna
    • Kiryl
    • Alan
    • Joel
  • Absent:
    • Jonathan

Testing Process

    • A very lightweight testing process for TPTP.
    • Extends the existing TPTP Testing Strategy.
    • Possibly two documents:
      • 1) High steps to use the testing infrastructure intended for first time users. This document will reference the second document.
      • 2) Low level detailed discussion on the motivation and design of the infrastructure intended for TPTP adopters or extenders.

Reference Platform

  • Target: IBM Java 1.5 (latest SR) and XP/x86.
  • Developers are expected to unit test on reference platform before check-in.
  • Nightly builds invoke automated test execution on reference platform.
  • Goal to use a second reference platform for better test coverage (target: Sun Java 5 and Linux/x86).
  • Move to Java 6 once a complete test pass is completed to expose initial defects.
  • Update:
    • The dedicate test machine for the reference platform has been clean and does not need to be re-imaged.
    • IBM JREs for Windows and Linux (see IBM Development Package for Eclipse) are publicly available from developerWorks.
    • Once the PoC is complete, Intel will focus on integrating the testing for the native components (e.g. JVMTI profiler) with the test infrastructure.

Common Test Infrastructure

  • ASF integrated with the TPTP builds (invoked via ANT):
    • Invoke tests.
    • Interrogate results.
    • Generate test reports.
  • TPTP test types:
    • AGR for functional UI testing.
    • TPTP JUnit and TPTP JUnit Plug-in test for unit testing.
  • TPTP build infrastructure:
    • Extract test suites from CVS.
    • Provision reference platform (Agent Controller and Eclipse/TPTP).
    • Install and configure Agent Controller and Eclipse/TPTP on the reference platform.
    • Clean-up reference platform.
    • Post test reports (test and code coverage) on TPTP web site.
  • Update:
    • Joel and Paul discussed the detailed design of this infrastructure last week.
      • Joel will attach a diagram of this infrastructure to the WIKI.
    • Joel will document this infrastructure for use in the second testing process document, which will be required by TPTP adopters or extenders.
    • This infrastructure will not allow testing with the Integrated Agent Controller (IAC) since it cannot coexist with the Agent Controller running on the reference platform.
    • Intel will inform IBM that the Intel portion of the build is complete (see defect 200351]).


  • Alan:
    • No update.
    • Waiting for the PoC to be completed.
  • Jonathan:
    • n/a
  • Joel:
    • Eclipse/TPTP and the Agent Controller is now deployed and expanded on the target platform.
    • Jonathan will assist Joel with configuring and running the Agent Controller.
    • A sample ASF script is working, which handles TPTP JUnit test execution, results interrogation and BIRT reporting.
    • Since there is defect when deploying TPTP JUnit tests remotely, Joel will continue with using TPTP JUnit tests.
    • Joel will work on automatically posting the Test Report to /tptp/test/reports/<release>.

Delivery dates

  • November 14:
    • Complete the first testing process document.
    • Proof of concept (PoC) for integration of ASF and TPTP builds for PMC approval and integrate with TPTP builds.
    • Measure cost savings.
  • November 21:
    • Identify and resolve bugs.
  • November 28:
    • Each project automates their manual test suites and converge existing automated test suites over time to leverage the test infrastructure.
    • Presentation to TPTP committers.
    • Report cost savings to PMC.

Action Items

  • Alan: Complete the new test process.
  • Jonathan: Assist Joel with configuring and running the Agent Controller.
  • Joel: Integrate the ASF with the TPTP builds to check-out a 'Hello World' TPTP JUnit test suite from CVS, run the test suite on an Eclipse instance running on the target platform, and generate a BIRT report on the test execution using existing sample code, possibly reuse some function from the Test Dashboard.
  • Joel: Attach a diagram of this infrastructure to the WIKI.
  • Joel: Document this infrastructure for use in the second testing process document, which will be required by TPTP adopters or extenders.
  • Paul: Determine labor cost (PW) for a) full test pass and b) smoke test pass from project leads.
  • Paul: Encourage Project Leads to automate existing manual test suites.
  • Paul: Book another meeting for next week (November 12, 2007).
  • Paul: Fix defect when deploying TPTP JUnit tests remotely.


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