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  • Stanislav
  • Alexander
  • Eugene
  • Jonathan
  • Joanna
  • Paul
  • Alan


  • Discussion re enhancement 165409. Jonathan appended a document to the enhancement recommending a number of development stages. This meeting is to review and discuss the proposal. Jonathan's recommendation is that we make the smaller changes first (for example, IPv4 to IPv6 translation - socket API) and then in the later stages handle the larger changes to the Agent Controller such as adding XML and Hyades commands.
  • The following is a summary of the discussion:
    • Stage 1:
      • discuss the needed changes - today's mtg; further discussion can be done in the bugzilla
      • discuss potential build changes. Jonathan thought that Visual Studio 2003 may be needed if we are using Visual C++ v6 libraries. Intel believes that build should not be an issue because the Intel build uses Platform SDK from Microsoft that is targeted to 2003 and it contains IPv6 support (Kiryl to confirm)
    • Stage 2:
      • deploy build changes (if needed) and then smoke test the AC (again if build changes were needed)
      • Rewrite native/Java socket code so that both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported (e.g. using sockaddr_storage rather than sockaddr_in). Should result in working AC that uses the new socket code.
      • determine the particular network configurations that we need to support; do we need additional routers etc.
      • investigate larger changes as well as UI changes (e.g. changes to code logic, rather than merely changes to code form. For instance, adding additional XML commands to support changed IP address formats, updating existing XML commands, adding additional Hyades commands to the Hyades protocol to support IP addresses of more than 4 byte, etc.). These larger changes would be made in Stage 4.
    • Stage 3:
      • testing and deployment: test the socket code with IPv4 to make sure it still works
    • Stage 4:
      • complete the larger code changes identified in Stage 2
      • At the end of this stage IPv6 code changes should be complete.
    • Stage 5:
      • complete testing of IPv4 and IPv6 on Windows and Linux
    • Refer to Jonathan's document in the bugzilla for a more detailed description of the development stages.
  • Reviewed the division of work between IBM and Intel:
    • Jonathan to complete 221258 and then begin work on this enhancement
    • Stanislav to complete 201412 and 196713 and then begin working on this enhancement (Stanislav to check with Jonathan on enhancement status before beginning IPv6 work)
    • Eugene to complete 80440 and critical i6 defects before beginning work on this enhancement.

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