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  • Stanislav
  • Alexander
  • Igor
  • Kiryl
  • Eugene
  • Bing
  • Jonathan
  • Joel
  • Kendric
  • Alan
  • Joanna
  • Paul


  • 4.4.1
    • Defect 218845 needs to be investigated and resolved
    • There will be an additional smoke test pass prior to code drop on 2/25
  • 4.5
    • Test pass is underway. We need to drop eod tomorrow and so Joanna requested that everyone make every effort to complete as much of the test pass as possible before then.
    • Intel mentioned that there are two defects that have been found that need to be fixed (218941 and 218943)
    • Joanna is in the process of triaging remaining 4.5 defects. Some reassignment is taking place to balance the effort across the team.
    • Legal did not approve request to redistribute OpenSSL. Joanna looking into whether we can obtain legal approval to depend on OpenSSL rather than redistribute
    • Status of enhancements was discussed:
      • Alexander is checking with Mikhail to see if Igor can assist with some of his defects
      • Eugene may need to defer 209727; 80440 is containable
      • Joel's and Kiryl's enhancements are containable
      • Stanislav can contain 196713
      • Intel requested we consider deferring IPv6 support. Joanna stated that this is a P1 enhancement and is high priority for many consuming products. Paul mentioned that the only problem found during the Test project testing of IPv6 support was related to IE v6. Alan mentioned that we may not be able to open an AC socket yet. Agreement was that Alan would talk to DuWayne re Java configurations needed for IPv6 testing and Paul would schedule an architecture call next week to discuss the test effort as well as Intel's reasoning behind its statement that this is a high risk and pervasive enhancement request.

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