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  • Jonathan
  • Joel
  • Harm
  • Alex N
  • Bing
  • Alan
  • Eugene
  • Igor
  • Kiryl
  • Alexander
  • Stanislav
  • Joanna


  • 441 Defects:
    • There are two defects that Eugene would like to include fixes for in 441. Intel proposes deferring these to 4.5 due to the risk (they require changes to workbench and agent):
      • 216606 - patch available
      • 217463 - patch available
    • following discussion, agreement was to revisit these defects and see if we can get a lower risk partial implementation in 441 and revisit full solution in 45
    • 217717 - removed classes from instrumentation. All release notes should reference these classes. Alex to open new defect for these classes/JVM and target 4.5
    • 218140 - Alexander to draft release note text and request approval for inclusion in 441
  • 441 Builds:
    • Joel to promote 02/06 12:17 build to candidate
    • 217452 - Joel has almost completed the needed changes
  • 441 Testing:
    • please complete 441 testing by eod tomorrow and check in your execution histories. If you cannot meet this deadline, please let Joanna know.
  • 4.5:
    • Alexander to check patch for 217717 into Head
    • Igor to check patch for 200251 (app mode enh) into Head
    • Joel had to revert back to M4 dependencies for the candidate build. Candidate build will start once the above two patches have been checked in
    • 4.5 i5 defects/enh that we were not able to complete have been deferred to later iterations with PMC approval. Joanna has deferred some to i6 and some to i7 and has a number more to triage in the next day or two. There will be weekly plans for defect and enh fixes for iteration 6 and Joanna will circulate a draft of this plan shortly for the team's review.

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