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  • Harm
  • Eugene
  • Ritwik
  • Alan
  • Bing
  • Jonathan
  • Joel
  • Kendric
  • Alex
  • Alexander
  • Stanislav
  • Igor
  • Kiryl
  • Joanna


  • 4.4.1:
    • Goal is to complete the test pass by early next week (Monday or Tuesday)
    • Problems found with agent controller security need to be fixed as soon as possible and PMC approval sought (defects 217120 and 217123). A new candidate build will need to be generated.
    • Remaining profiling defects need to be resolved asap (defects 203472 and 215440).
    • Release note defects require review (Joanna to request approval for defect 202550; Eugene to review defect 215685, and Alexander to address defect 217266)
  • 4.5:
    • Given external commitments and the need for a two week test pass, all iteration 5 defects need to be completed by tomorrow. Joanna requested that the team focus on blocking and critical defects:
      • Eugene: 126584, 174166
      • Joel: 184272
      • Ritwik: 197176 (patch reviewed)
      • Joanna: 203223, 212009
      • Bing: 206731
      • Igor: 213340
      • Alex: 215675
    • test pass to begin on Monday
    • Intel to investigate newsgroup problem regarding profiling on Fedora. Eugene will also post a response.
    • All enhancements with UI changes need to be completed in iteration 6. Joanna to review the enhancements with the team in a follow on note
    • All P1 defects slipping from i5 to i6 require PMC approval. Joanna to obtain.
    • Joanna to review i6 defects with team in follow on note to ensure all are containable in the next iteration.

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