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  • Harm
  • Eugene
  • Alex N
  • Bing
  • Jonathan
  • Joel
  • Ritwik
  • Alan
  • Igor
  • Stanislav
  • Kiryl
  • Alexander A
  • Joanna


  • Review of 4.4.1 defects:
    • 206878 (Jonathan) - In process of implementing Igor's comments from the patch review. Will request Platform approval when revisions complete (target for completion: EOD)
    • 215825 (Alex N) - Joanna has made the needed copyright changes. Alex will resolve the translatability and version number errors by EOD and then request Platform approval
    • 214285 (Joel) - not reproducible. No response from submitter. Joanna to request PMC approval to Resolve as Unreproducible.
    • 202739 (Igor) - problem is with IAC on ubuntu (which is not supported). Joanna to revisit PMC's early concerns with request to defer.
    • 215346 (Igor) - Patch to be reviewed by Jonathan and Platform approval to be requested.
    • 202546 (Igor) - To be resolved as problem is fixed
    • 215868 (Joanna) - changes checked into head following PMC approval. Defect to be resolved as fixed.
    • 202550 (Joanna) - leaving defect open until the profiling attach/detach defects are resolved for 4.4.1
    • 203472 (Eugene) - problem resolved by Asaf's patch
    • 215436, 215437, 215439, and 215440 (Alexander A) - Joanna to send a note to Asaf asking him to commit his patch on Sunday. Committing of this patch, which resolves a large part of the problem, was approved by the PMC on the PMC call yesterday. Remaining exceptions and stop/start problems to be resolved by Monday.
  • TPTP 441 smoke test to be conducted over the weekend
  • TPTP 441 test pass to begin on Monday
  • Open defect with copyright checker (it reports copyright errors in other branches) -- Joanna has randomly verified the copyright years following the code commits resolving reported 441 copyright errors.
  • Review of 4.5i5 defects targeted for completion last week:
    • Patches under review or applied for the following defects: 200251, 208831, 145824, 213630
    • Following defects were retargeted to later iterations: 200342 and 201408
    • Team to send Joanna list of defects to be focused on next week and Joanna to triage remaining TPTP 4.5 defects.
  • 4.5 builds were broken by BtM changes (these changes have since been backed out) and a problem in Trace.UI (and this problem has since been resolved). New build started.

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