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  • Kiryl
  • Igor
  • Stanislav
  • Bing
  • Alex N.
  • Joel
  • Alan
  • Alexander A
  • Harm
  • Eugene
  • Ritwik
  • Joanna


TPTP 4.4.1:

  • Test pass is scheduled for 1/28 - 02/08. This will be the final test pass before we can only address stop ship defects so please ensure that all of your 4.4.1 defects are resolved by 01/25.
  • JSSE/agent controller defects currently unresolved: 215346 (Igor - patch available), 206878 (Jonathan), 202739 (Igor), 202546 (Igor), and 202739 (Igor)
  • Profiler defects: Asaf has a patch for Eugene to test. Unresolved profiler defects: 203472 (Eugene), 215436 (Alexander), 215437 (Alexander), 215439 (Alexander), and 215440 (Alexander)
  • Release Enginnering: 205040 (Joel)

TPTP 4.5 defect fixes for the coming week:

  • Test pass one origanally scheduled for 1/28 - 02/08 has been cancelled.
  • i5 development will continue through 02/08
  • Test pass two will begin on 2/11. TP2 will now be a full test pass (as opposed to a smoke test)
    • We need to test Java 6 support in this test pass
    • We need to test IPv6 support as well. Alan to speak with Paul and Duwayne to see if we can use the test environment that the Test project used for their testing.
  • Harm asked for a moratorium on model changes through at least the end of i5 so that the Model code base can be stabilized. There are a number of enhancements that require model changes
  • The 4.5 enhancement list was reviewed. Ideally we would like enhancements fixed in the i5 timeframe.
    • Joanna to follow up with Alexander re his assigned enhancements to ensure that we have enough resource to complete in TPTP 4.5. Sizings and FDD need to be added to some bugzilla entries and reviewed by AB
    • Eugene to review the two enhancements assigned to him in his absence

    Review of open defects targeted for 1/16 completion:

    • Implement 145824.
    • Implement 213630.
    • Implement 200251.
    • Implement 201791.
    • Implement 90981.
    • Implement 201819.
    • Implement 212787.
    • Implement 208586.
    • Implement 211777.
    • Implement 166918.
    • Implement 208831.
    • Implement 202928.
    • Implement 209343.
    • Implement 209728.
    • Implement 148629

    Additional notes

    Harm noted that all structural model changes are on hold until we can reliably generate model code and merge results. Bugzillas 215673 and 215675 have been opened to manage this work and the intent is to complete this during i5 asap. There are several inconsistencies between the Rose model, xsd, ecore and code that need to be reconciled as well. All proof of concept content is also to be removed.

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