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Attending: Kathy, Ernest, Jonathan, Torsten, Sam

  • 03/14 meeting minutes accepted.

TPTP Organization Discussion

  • Torsten reported on progress on setting up build.
    • A bit behind on getting the native build going. Outlook is to finish by next week.
    • Will ask Paul next week about testing. Paul suggested Torsten to read Testing process documentation URL
  • We discussed about possible impact to the build if the TPTP Performance project is archived. Sam will do some test to ensure that Platform and Test does not have dependency on the Performance project. We need to revisit archiving plan for the Performance project if dependencies are found.
  • Oliver brought up for discussion if the current PMC members are still planning to resign on 03/28 and for Verit to take over then. Torsten indicated Verit would not be ready yet. He asked for more time. Kathy indicated the IBM members will stay on for 2 more weeks. So the updated plan is for current PMC members to resign on April 11.


  • Next PMC meeting will be on March 28 10:00 EDT. We'll have 2 more PMC call on April 4 and 11 at 10:00 EDT.

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