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Attending: Kathy, Oliver, Ernest, Jonathan, Paul, Joel, Wayne Beaton, Torsten Stolpmann

  • 02/28 meeting minutes accepted.

TPTP Organization Discussion

  • Election of Wayne into the PMC
    • In light of the recent proposal from Verit to take over the TPTP project rather than letting it be archived, Wayne Beaton from the EMO requested to join the TPTP PMC to smooth out the transition.
    • Kathy carried the motion. Seconded by Ernest. Everyone are in favour. Motion passed.
    • Welcome Wayne to the PMC.
  • Concern about not archiving TPTP Test and TPTP Platform project now
    • Oliver voiced the concern that if we just archive the TPTP Performance project, leaving the TPTP Test and TPTP Platform project for Verit to continue, it might lead to a situation where they are not cleaned up properly, if needed be. For example, if these projects did not go well as planned, someone would have to archive the projects but none of the current committers would be around to do that (they will be leaving by end of March). Oliver wondered if archiving all projects now and have a new project creation leaded by Verit will be a better way. Wayne indicated that this would mean a lot of work for the webmaster to archive and recreate projects. Wayne said that he's aware of that possibility and agreed to take care of the archiving of the remaining TPTP projects if necessary.
  • Introduction from Torsten
    • Not sure about release plan for TPTP yet. Verit wants to eventually get TPTP back on the Eclipse release train. Indigo (June 2011) will probably be too early. May be Indigo SR1. Kathy asked if projects are allowed to get on the release train in a maintenance release. Wayne said it's up to the Planning Council to make an exception.
    • Other members from Verit will come on board later.
    • Verit will likely drop IPF support for the Agent Controller.
    • Will work on trying to get builds set up.
  • Versioning of future TPTP releases
    • Kathy mentioned that since IBM has products that expect TPTP features and plugins within a certain version be compatible with current project. Since new releases from Eclipse TPTP might no longer be compatible, therefore, we would like to request that TPTP features and plugins for the next Eclipse open source TPTP release to have major version updated. Torsten understood IBM's concern and agreed to keep this in mind for future TPTP releases.
  • Joel gave an short overview of the TPTP build setup.
  • Paul gave a short overview of the TPTP Test project.
  • Torsten will be getting in touch with Joel to get build knowledge transfer going. Joel will send Torsten info regarding hardware and software requirements (e.g. Visual Studio compiler level) for build machines. Joel also suggested that Verit look into using Eclipse's build infrastructure.
  • Current committers will be staying on until March 28. Verit will try to get up to speed as soon as possible.


  • Kathy brought up the fact that we need to clean up the committer's list for the project. She will be removing Chris, Yunan and Chengrui from the committer's list for the platform project (since they left the project in February 2010).
  • We'll have weekly PMC meeting Monday from 10:00 to 11:00 EDT for the rest of March. Next PMC meeting will be on March 14 10:00 EDT.

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