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Attending: Oliver, Kathy, Ernest, Jonathan, Jerome

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • No issues

Development Discussion

  • TPTP 4.7.1 going well.
    • Test pass this week.
    • PMC approval starts 08/30.
    • 15 defects (6 release engineering) targeting TPTP 4.7.1. No issues.


  • TPTP long term plan
    • Kathy distributed draft document announcing TPTP's long term plan to the community. Oliver suggested pointed out that user can still access the code via archive. Kathy will make the update. Everyone OK with the draft.
    • Kathy will put the document on TPTP web page and announce to TPTP distribution list and newsgroup sometime next week or the week after.
  • Next PMC meeting on 09/08 10:00 EDT.

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