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Attending: Oliver, Kathy

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • No issues

4.7 Discussion

  • Kathy's update for TPTP 4.7:
    • TPTP 4.7 RC3 driver dropped to Helios RC2 yesterday.
    • TPTP 4.7 I3 TP progressing well.
    • TPTP 4.7 is shutting down. Remaining defects are mostly rel eng defects.
    • Will drop to RC4 next week (06/08).
    • Helios review slides and IP logs sent out to EMO.
    • Releasing Review: Friday, June 11


  • Next Eclipse release train (v3.7) is called Indigo. Planning will probably start in summer with themes discussion.
  • No new news on Java 7 support.
  • Next PMC meeting on 06/16 10:00 EDT.

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