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Attending: Oliver, Ernest, Jonathan, Paul, Joel

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • No issues

4.7 Discussion

  • Kathy was unable to make it to the PMC meeting this week, and provided the following status update via email:
    • TPTP 4.7 I2 TP completed Monday with 100% attempted and 96.4% success. Some of the defects responsible for the failure had been fixed and test cases need to be rerun (will be rerun in the upcoming test pass). Some of the failing test cases need to updated since the failing defects have been returned as WontFix.
    • TPTP 4.7 RC1 driver dropped to Helios RC1 yesterday. EMF driver showed up on early Monday afternoon this time. A nice improvement from previous milestones.
    • TPTP 4.7 is shutting down with project lead approval starting this week. Currently there are 33 defects targeting TPTP 4.7. 14 of them are release engineering defects. A number of the fixes are well underway and expected for this week. We'll be going into PMC approval mode starting next Monday 05/24.
    • Build team is making compiler upgrade these couple of days and will be done by this Thursday for the RC2 candidate build.
    • Will smoke test RC2 candidate and start TPTP 4.7 I3 TP next week (05/25 - 06/04). 05/24 is holiday for Canada.
    • Will drop to RC2 on 05/25.
    • Will remove Monitoring project from build now that RC1 is dropped and all the license changes are finalized.
    • Releasing for Helios:
      • IP Logs due: Friday, May 28
      • Docuware due: Friday, May 28
      • Helios Review: Friday, June 11
      • Helios Release: Wednesday, June 23


  • All present express approval with EMF's on-time delivery of RC1, and wish for this trend to continue.
  • Paul: We would like to ensure the build is available during the holiday, and will speak with Kathy and Joel.
  • Paul is leaving for vacation on 28th of May, back on June 21st. Barring unforeseen circumstances (for instance, airspace closures), he will be incommunicado.
  • Nominations for emeritus status:
    • Eugene has already earned emeritus status in the eyes of the PMC. As soon as Eugene wishes to give up being a contributor, the PMC has agreed (full vote, no objections) that he will be bestowed with Eclipse Committer Emeritus starts.
    • Harm has also more than earned emeritus status -- PMC's vote for Harm's Emeritus status was unanimous, with no objections.
  • Paul requests a meeting next week Wednesday May 26th, 2010, PMC agrees.
  • Next PMC meeting on 05/26 10:00 EDT.

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