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Attending: Oliver, Ernest, Kathy, Eugene, Paul, Chris

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • No issues

4.6.2 Discussion

  • Everything went fine on the on 4.6.2 i2 test pass
  • We are now ready to drop for RC2. RC3 will be next week. We are almost done with the release

Is anything anything needed from PMC for 4.6.2?

  • Kathy notes that one defect for 4.6.2 was approved yesterday
  • IBM also hopes to backport this defect to Another defect is being thought of for that as well.

4.7 Discussion

M5 helios drop has been made. Next drop will be M6 in March.

  • There was a delay in our M5 because EMF was late dropping theirs and we had to go back and rebuild against their driver

This EMF problem might come up in planning council meeting

  • Paul asks who leads EMF now-adays
  • Oliver notes that planning council has talked about EMF before and whether they needed to be dropped from the simultaneous release.
  • Too many other projects depend on EMF to drop them but they do have scheduling problems
  • Oliver asks how much extra effort this delay cost us.
    • Kathy says that the extra effort is in terms of calendar days in schedule and overtime required to catch back up with our deadline. It did not cost us meeting our deadline but did add to engineer stress.

We are now doing regular development work for next iteration.


Are there any additional bugzillas that Intel needs to look at?

  • No more than what was already discussed and agreed to
  • Johnathan is reviewing a bunch of material from Beijing team and might have a few more discussion areas

Next week cancelled.

Next meeting on the 17th will be one hour later

  • Chris will resign from PMC at that time

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