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Attending: Oliver, Harm, Kathy, Chris

Any objections to last summary?

  • no Discussion

Kathy provided an update.

  • We had to respin for last night
  • Have build respun already

Regarding build transfer, IBM suggested that we only switch to new way for 4.6 and not for

  • Chris noted that Intel plans to decommission the build systems after transfer is done so we cant keep it this way forever.
  • IBM noted that this is really for current milestones (e.g., thru end of May or June)

Chris to find from Yi on whether this is okay for

  • IBM thinks it will probably mean 1-2 more respins

4.6 Discussion

Oliver thinks we are about a month and a half until final Galileo drop and asks if we're on track

  • There was general agreement that we're in okay shape.

We discussed defects to defer out of 4.6

  • Teams already deferring out P2/P3 defects
  • Now the overall defect count is looking better
    • A few more fixes are possibles
    • The attach/detach patch under review
    • For the heap profiling error, chengrei has another fix for it
    • For JVM JVMTI issue, the JVM team has a new version that fixes most of the issue
      • A new trace has been provided to JVM team for a variation of the crash and the JVM team has some ideas

The Solaris/Sparc initial port has been integrated

  • It has undergone a fair amount of testing.
  • Still trying to merge AIX code and it might come in in the next few weeks.
    • All changes are in platform specific codepath.

Paul has a few issues on Test side but he's working thru them


Itanium platform transfer

  • IBM showed loaner documents to legal folks at IBM and some general discussion topics
  • Teams will continue to work on this.

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