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Attending: Harm, Oliver, Paul, Chris, Eugene, Joanna (who just came in from shovelling snow)

Call schedule for the next few weeks

  • Lots of folks will be out
  • Oliver suggests that if anything urgent comes up, put "Urgent" on subject line on PMC mailing list

EclipseCon Update


  • Great job to Eugene for helping organize test/profiling contributions/reviews
  • Oliver asks if Eugene needs any support from PMC
    • For people who have accepted talks, please sign the contributor agreement

We discussed a bit about travel to EclipseCon

  • Eugene said that the budget is not yet planned for IBM.
    • Joanna is trying to send Jonathan West and Eugene
  • Chris mentioned that budget is not formalized for Intel yet either but the request is in for Chris and Yunan
  • Oliver asks if he should send mail to anyone at IBM or Intel to try to encourage successful travel funding
    • Joanna would have heard a "no" earlier if a "no" was likely from IBM
    • Chris said that there is not a hit of a problem at Intel but if there is, we will let Oliver know in January so he can send a message.

4.5.2 I2

Oliver asks about it.

  • Paul notes that it is all done. Oliver asked why I2 seemed to go so painlessly
  • Paul notes that it took less time because we used a smaller test suite and the build was ready on time for test pass
  • Chris noted that there did not seem to be last minute defects creeping in on this one
    • Harm asked and Paul noted that consuming product did not yet pick it up... They are typically one of the main sources for such last minute defects

TPTP 4.5.3 and Eclipse 3.5

Oliver mentioned that when we decided to be "on the train" for Eclipse 3.5 we thought that the cost was negligible

  • We then realized that there was a real cost in terms of test pass/etc
  • Did we fool ourselves or is the cost really minimal
  • Paul said that we simply did not plan on the drops/smoketesting for the early drops (during overlap where we worked on 4.5.2).
    • The implication seemed to be that the cost is not really that much it was just not documented so it fell thru the cracks.

Paul talks a bit about Eclipse 3.5 smoketesting

  • There were a number of platform issues (not in TPTP) that are supposedly resolved
  • We should be able to pull a platform build tonight/tommorrow and proceed with testing
  • Oliver asks if we are we set up for the drop on the 29th?
    • Joanna says there will be a few people around so we should be in good shape.
    • These are still pretty early milestones for 3.5


Oliver asks how web page updates are going

  • Joanna has not yet had time to look at it
    • She believes that it is getting close to the top of her stack
    • Paul notes that a number of folks have given ideas on the bugzilla item
    • Paul had action item to send bugzilla number to Joanna

Eugene added to the wiki content regarding feedback from profiler users and some profile on server details and tenative user guide. He has tried to update some of the test cases to hopefully find regressions more early.

Note that Eugene will be on parental leave in January

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