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Attending: Paul, Eugene, Chris, Joanna

Any objections to last week's summary?

  • No

TPTP 4.5.2

Paul noted that the 4.5.2 test pass state is quite good

I3 development is under way

  • There was a build break yesterday but it is resolved already.

TPTP 4.5.3

Joanna has been making 4.5.3 plan updates

  • If you go to and look at TPTP, it will be there
  • She figured out why the style file wasn't working. There was an ampersand issue
  • Joanna has addressed most of the comments. She has a few comments left that she will do today

IBM has an internal review scheduled on Jan 8 to review Galileo plans

We have been testing 4.5.2 binaries on Eclipse 3.5 with Galileo's EMF

  • Eugene was successful running this
  • On test project there are some platform issues with opening editors
    • Paul filed a bug, supposedly it is fixed
  • Paul is now running into an OSGI issue. A defect already opened on this.
  • So far problems have all been in other projects' code, not in TPTP

Before we talked about whether we would need a 4.5.3 build page

  • We will start making drops to Galielo Dec 29th
  • Paul suggests that we at least have a build site if it is not too much effort.
    • Smoke testing needs a build page (for tracking test results), needs a separate link
  • Joel and Joanna were talking about this. Joanna plans to make the page.


Last week Paul got a message that he was supposed to update metadata for performance sub-project of TPTP project

  • Paul does not have access to it and ent mail to Eugene who also does not have access
  • We had approved all of this (new owners) months ago.
  • Paul looked up the status and it is currently in "waiting for CVS package information".
    • Paul will send mail to webmaster to ask about it.


Eugene noted that the accept list has been pretty much finalized. Eugene will send list out for review by our PMC today. Please comment if you have issues. Next week is final time to comment.

  • Eugene gave a summary of the current state of talks.

Profiler Outreach

Chris asked if Eugent got any more feedback on profiler outreach

  • Eugene has not gottent more feedback back yet from the 3 trying it out
  • The guy interested in Apple did post a comment on list (and is thus active)

Eugene will put up details on the wiki on the feedback that has arrived so far

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