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Attending: Eugene, Chris, Oliver, Paul, Joanna

TPTP 4.5.2 Test Pass

Paul notes that as of this morning the report indicates that we are about ~70% complete on the test pass

  • The failure rate seems okay (i.e., ~2+ percent)
  • Test project will complete by end of day today.
  • For platform project, most of the remaining results arrived today from Yunan and need to be checked in.
    • There are some probekit editor test results that are needed. Eugene will check with the person who was to run them
    • AI to Eugene to ping Joel to rerun report after Eugene checks in Yunan's results

Paul asks if we will we start I3 tommorrow.

  • Oliver asked if there was any disagreement with this. There was no disagreement
  • Paul will make it happen.

Galileo Syncup

We discussed updates needed to test plan for Gallileo synchronization.

  • We are currently testing on Eclipse 3.4 for TPTP 4.5.2 (spring maintenance) rather than Eclipse 3.5 for Galileo.
  • Oliver asked how did we missed the need to smoke test with 3.5 for Galilo syncup
    • We forgot to create a 4.5.3 target early that maps to Galileo. We were thinking of 4.5.3 as a minor update to 4.5.2 and weren't thinking of the Galilo reqiurement.
    • Galileo M4 should drop Cec 29th for +2 projects
    • We could schedule a smoke test pass before we drop for M4.

Our plan is to use the 4.5.2 build and drop it into Galileo rather than creating a fully separate build target at this point.

  • We believe this will be a light smoke test pass
  • Oliver asks who we think will take Galileo M4 version of TPTP and test with it.
  • We had some discussion about schedule of IBM teams to test components.

Oliver asked what document needs to be updated so that we annotate when we are dropping Galileo sync points.

  • Our 4.5.2 schedule can be modified with minor updates to indicate these extra smoke test passes
    • Joanna will update doc.
  • Oliver aasked who will do smoke tests
    • Everyone will do smoke tests for their bits
    • Paul notes that everyone needs to test against the M4 Galilo builds.

Joanna working to get access to best IBM JVMs so that at release the most released IBM JVMs will have some testing applied.

EclipseCon 2009

There have been about 20 submissions of test and performance related topics

  • There are a fair number of GUI testing ones
  • Eugene requested that the team go and review proposals and comment
  • Final acceptance notices will be out by around Dec 16th

Profiler Outreach

Eugene summaries. Four folks have shown interest

  • One interested in Mac/OS and he may be able to help with testing/development. Eugene pointed him at appropriate bugzilla
  • From remainder Eugene has gotten feedback from 1 user requesting documentation updates
    • Most documents related to profiling views are somewhat out of date
    • There was also some discussion about filter configuratoin being unclear

Oliver asks when should we get more aggressive about trying to get still more users to use it

  • Conservative approach
    • Get data from a few more lead users and then pursue the board for more widespread adoption
  • Aggressive approch
    • Go after the board now to try to get more widespread adoption

Any new users should target the Spring maintenance build (Feb 2009)

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