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Attending: Eugene, Paul, Joanna, Oliver, Harm, Chris

  • Chris was late :-(

Any issues with last week's summary?

  • no

Any new agenda items?

  • no

4.5.2 Discussion

Currently bug fixing.

Note to everyone: The next test pass starts November 26


Oliver asked Eugene how many test/performance submissions there have been so far?

  • None thusfar

Oliver asks if we think the pipeline will fill by the deadline on 24th

  • Team reiterated more of the talk ideas
  • IBM discussed maybe getting Jonathan involved in the discussion.

Oliver asked if we have any history on submission rates?

  • Eugene noted that overall Eclipsecon submission activity was low first week has been increasing
    • So far just 20-30
  • Paul noted that last year submissions didn't really start happening until fairly late in cycle.

Profiler outreach

Oliver asks if we have users yet for profiler outreach

  • Eugene mentioned that 4 folks have thusfar shown interest and he has answered some of their initial questions
    • 1 question about mac/os.
  • The other 3 users are actually trying it out now.
    • If we don't get feedback next week, Oliver may follow up.

Today Paul was fighting issues with some performance issues with a Java component.

  • He used the JVMTI profiler and got it to work well with little effort.
  • He did experience a few hiccups with buttons not showing up but otherwise it worked fine.


Oliver filled team in a bit on discussion he had with JProbe guys.

  • They had an interesting discussion around the culture of Eclipse and how to balance community and productization.

There is another potential contributo with similar questions discussion:

  • Paul and Oliver had a call with Fanfare Software.
  • Wanted more information about the Eclipse culture/processes and history/architecture of Hyades/TPTP
  • No TPTP (IBM/Intel) resources available
  • Interested in ASF (Paul sent documentation links)

Regarding the Mac/OS discussion from last week.

  • IBM noted that they know of another engineer has been spending some time on MacOS for JVMTI profiling as well.
  • We discussed who should be assigned as the point of contact from TPTP for contributors particpating
    • Harm suggests communicating these decisions thru the Bugzilla because the Mac/OS bugzilla actually has a pretty wide readership and it will be a good way to notify folks and maybe get more interest.

Eugene noted that he has had some questions asked to him about the Eclipse Babble incubation project

  • If it is successful, it has potential to help with globalization efforts

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