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Attending: Oliver, Eugene, Chris, Paul

  • Joanna had a family emergency and was unable to attend.

Any issues with last week?

  • No issues

4.5.2 Discussion

We discussed the test pass for 4.5.2

  • We are finishing test pass
  • We were supposed to be moving on soon
    • However were only at about 50% on the reports
    • Paul has not had time to talk to Joanna about those
    • Eugene noted that there are some failures that are being analyzed
  • Most of Test project failures are issues with test cases themselves
  • Team decided that we need to continue testing until meet exit criteria

How do we coordinate next steps in 4.5.2 schedule?

  • How do we coordinate when test pass finishes
  • Suggest revisit by Friday via email whether we can exit test pass
    • Paul's guys have some patches starting to back up.

Oliver at EclipseWorld

Oliver talked a bit about Eclipseworld and Planning Council discussions.

  • Oliver would like to see more control exercised by planning council over overall approach followed
    • For example, who should define themes and priorities? Board? Planning Council? Architecture Council?
      • Planning council had assorted questions about how much attention folks pay to themes and priorities.
    • In Oliver's opinion, the biggest unifying factor in Eclipse right now is the flocking to the simultaneous release train.
    • Oliver perception is that the release train is the vehicle for maintaining seamless interaction between eclipse projects
  • TPTP PMC had some discussion around this and roles and responsibilities of different committees
    • Chris noted that planning council could actually require concentration on core themes or priorities to be part of the release train.
    • Paul noted that nobody actually gets kicked off of release train (and definately not for something like this.

Profiler Community Users

No email feedback yet. Oliver talked a bit about this at Eclipse meeting. Bjorn thinks that they have a few folks building Eclipse plugins and brainstormed with Oliver about where to send announcement

  • Final suggestion is to send to committer list


Oliver mentioned that there are some JProbe folks who may be interested in joining TPTP.

  • There will be a teleconference about it
  • At this point they have some general questions to us.
  • Oliver would like to talk more about this next week.

Eugene noted that award submission will be happening this week.

  • Paul suggests that nomination should be sent to Ian
  • He can also do the submission and take care of the reimbursements

Eclipsecon submissions thru November 24.

  • Everyone should continue to think about submissions.

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