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Attending: Oliver Chris Paul Eugene, Joanna

Any objections to last week's summary

  • No

Anyone have to leave early

  • Chris has hard stop
  • Oliver gave a standing request that if someone has hard stop to please interrupt about 5 minutes before the stop so we can close on anything urgent.

Release Logistics

4.5.1 is totally done

For 4.5.2 we are operating in a bug fix mode: starting with a few defects in plan and will add more as time allows.

Oliver asks Joanna how much we want to try to align schedules with IBM product consumers

  • We had issues fully aligning in 4.5.1 because of key defects
  • Joanna continues to try to get consuming products aligned with Ganymede/simultaneous schedules
  • Joanna is still working on closing on this.

Profiler Community Support

We discussed Eugene's progress with the profiler community support actions

  • We have discussed the material on the list. There have been some updates
  • Oliver would like to see a bit added
    • Instructions on how to get involved with the trials
    • Adding a link for folks to get "recommended" updates
  • Oliver had a few additional questions aboutw hat mailing/news list(s) to send announcement to

We probably dont want 100 different Eclipse plugin projects trying it at once (if we were so lucky)

  • Paul suggests start with newsgroups which already have some others who monitor it
  • Underscore on list that we would like to get some active feedback
    • Oliver says we can start with news posting and then play by ear in another week or so if we need to expand distribution
  • Eugene would like to have folks who are interested send him mail so it can be tracked
    • Paul thinks great idea as long as it is not too much mail that we are talking about
    • If it becomes too much traffic directly to Eugene, we can start filtering and forcing more discussion over to newsgroup

To identify items on newsgroup related to this, we will suggest using the "POG" tag on newsgroup posting subject line

We probably need to identify an "end date" for the first pass of feedback in order to intercept the 4.5.2 release

  • We discussed and more or less agreed to the Dec 2 date
  • Can have another pass for the next release

The PMC unanimously gave Eugene a special thanks to Eugene for all of the extra work that he has done to make this outreach possible.


We discussed a bit about the Beijing team rampup

  • Joanna has added a defect for each team member
  • Joanna noted dialog between Lei and Joel has been quite good
  • Chris asked if there are specific additional questions that Joanna and Eugene would like to ask for tommorrows meet/greet between key Beijing participants and the Platform/AC leads
    • Joanna would like to see a bit more detail about who Intel plans to do what
    • In particular, she would like to know who does what Kiryl did (build and test). Is it Lei?
      • Joanna would like to hear the official "Who what?"
      • Chris mentioned that it is not exactly Lei and that we will be sure to introduce the areas for each person tommorrow.

We discussed a bit about Eclipsecon

  • Joanna and Chris discussed travel possibilities
  • Joanna may pitch this as a learning opportunity for some of the folks on the team to meet more of the TPTP team
  • Oliver suggested a talk of the general form of:
    • "How to support an outreach effort and evolve your tool to get other Eclipse projects to use your it"

Harm suggested a while back a data "reduced" web site.

  • Oliver would like to see link for the profiler outreach on the front page
  • There are other web updates possible
    • Joanna has it as low priority at the moment along with a resource that may be able to put in a bit of time
    • Paul would like to see leads give ideas of what to keep on website
    • We should open a bugzilla and make some suggestions there

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