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Attending: Oliver, Eugene, Joanna, Chris

  • Regrets: Harm, Paul

4.5.1 Rampdown

Eugene only has concern about one defect (244331)

  • Unhandled exception sometimes launching multithread java on linux from workbench (unhandled exception)
  • Eugene's concern is not about meeting the schedule for 4.5.1 release but is about this one particular test failure
    • If is not fixed will need to put into release notes
  • Yesterday, Joel patched an issue related to a file missing on linux builds.
    • Eugene could not reproduce the failure with this build (unsure why)
    • Will test with todays build too (Eugene: confirm with 0923 candidate build problem still exists, will readme)
  • Joanna noted that this packaging problem was on Intel side of build (though it happened becaus of an IBM change)
    • Joanna asked if Intel team is actively monitoring the build logs to look for issues.

Oliver would like to have a quick post mortem/lessons learned discussion regarding 4.5.1

  • Would like to wait until we actually are completely done with 4.5.1
  • Plan for next wednesday.

4.5.2 Rampup

Oliver summarized discussion about 4.5.2 planning that we had in the last few meetings

  • In the past, tried to triage all possible bugs and would fill entire schedule with P1 defects
    • We would then would have to struggle when new issues arose
    • This time, will start with smaller set in P1 state then pull more in as time is available
  • Everyone should be able to quickly have a set of initial 4.5.2. priority bugs since we don't have to completely prioritize the world.

Joanna said that she triaged bugs to 4.5.2 and asked to prioritize some of the P2s/P3s.

  • Joanna is reviewing now with IBM
    • Joanna is multitasking to get the consuming products at IBM in line with schedule
    • Paul and Eugene are reviewing now as well
    • AI to Chris to look at defects and provide any input needed from Intel.
      • Look at defects with 4.5.2 target

To summarize, Oliver asks when 4.5.2 plan will be in place.

  • Joanna thinks this will be as early as Friday or Monday
  • Joanna will send out draft to PMC for review soon.

Oliver asks if we will have enough defects assigned to the Beijing team to help them fully ramp up their contributions

  • Joanna notes that the plan document includes assignees for each defect
  • TI profiler ones and a few related to build are assigned to Beijing team
  • Joanna wants to finish the plan and get started with weekly status syncups with the team in Beijing. She believes that waiting for the plan to be complete should be okay since that will be early next week.

XML Roadmap discussion

This will pull from plan document. Oliver does not mind providing some review/ideas here but someone needs to own the XML

  • Joanna has assigned to herself to do the XML roadmap mapping
  • We do not need to fully clean up the plain text form since the XML form will be the distributed one that we can use going forward.


Eugene asks when will we open CVS for 4.5.2

  • Joanna thinks we will branch Friday or Monday

On engaging Eclipse plugin community with the profiler initiatiave. Oliver asks Eugene if ht thinks we should go forward

  • Eugene thinks that we should.
    • We have some known issues but will be good to use it to prioritize our work.
  • Oliver asked Eugene to send the set of links that we want to publicize so that we can provide some feedback. Oliver and Chris agreed to review
    • Eugene will try to make this available by next PMC call
  • Eugene underscored that a goal will be to minimize the documentation needed before user can get started.

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