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Attending: Joanna, Oliver, Chris, Eugene

  • Regrets: Paul

Any objections to last weeks summary?

  • No


Oliver asks what is up with 4.5.1. Joanna talks thru it

  • There were 17 defects opened by consuming products within a few days of 8/8 cutoff
  • 2 fixes needed to be put in after 8/8 delivery
    • A consuming product had Java PATH issues
    • Another error causing failures in profiling
      • Java 1.6.2 dumps are happening when trying to profile
      • 4.5.1 was not tested there on 1.6.2 (it came out after 4.5)

We discussed the fact that we planned to pretty much shutdown on 8/8 and we are now behind for 4.5.1. Since the actual release is in late September, the general agreement was that we have lots of flexibility, the 8/8 date was artificial to align with consumer needs and if consumers want a few fixes that move the code they are using closer to 9/25 it is okay.

We need build bug opened for IBM side of build related to triggering Intel build when IBM build was unsuccessful.

  • 2nd time this particular set of files had failed

Joanna notes that the test pass results for 4.5.1 are pretty bad

  • 65% right now
  • Asked team to finish their tests with latest drop this week.
  • Joanna still needs to remove some AGR testing from the report

Oliver summarizes 4.5.1 status: As of now:

  • There are no concerns about meeting 9/24
  • We are responsive to consumers at IBM
  • The 4.5.1 profiler still looks good for our Eclipse plugin developer outreach

Joanna asked a question for Paul about whether we will do test pass 2 for 4.5.1. Originally had one down on the schedule

  • Joanna thinks we don't need a full test unless there are some larger changes (since code is now locked down for release)
  • We definately will need to have some smoke testing with the final driver and will want to stress parts that are changing.


Oliver asked Eugene about profiler and outreach.

  • Eugene mentioned his biggest concern right now is with 1.6.2 on Linux

Do we need to do anything else on this call.

  • no

Next week need to talk about roadmap XML file

Chris gave a resourcing update from Intel.

  • The resource who was going to be starting maintenance work along with Yunan took another job right before his start date. We are working to find another candidate with Eclipse background

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