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Attending: Paul, Oliver, Chris, Joanna

Any objections to last week's summary?

  • No

Does anyone need to leave early?

  • No

4.5.1 Update

Oliver asks how 4.5.1 is going

  • Joanna notes that we are behind schedule
    • There may be a bit of wiggle room on 8/8 deadline
  • Joanna notes that builds have been having problems again
    • Linux32 has some lost file issues
    • Chris asked to be informed when a new build was kicked off so he could monitor.

Joanna notes that there are issues w/ stability and w/ integrated agent controller

  • There are 3 key defects the team is looking at and hope to fix

Joanna has asked Intel China team to complete some testing concentrating on the Windows side

  • Joanna has a note that it has been done but she has not verified yet.

Joanna notes that there are several profiling defects against Eugene

  • There is no update on them yet
  • They may be candidates for deferral

Joanna has already run a bug deferral list past some consuming products and is no huge red flags are going up.

  • Joanna wants to concentrate on IAC

Joanna is updating test pass details to outline what tests are expected to be run for our test pass (e.g., removing monitoring, etc).

  • The 7% completion on the current report is lower than actual progress
  • She needs to finish updating and regen the report

Paul talks a bit about Test for 4.5.1

  • There are some manual test anomolies
    • Root cause was that install instructions were not followed
  • Issue with test navigator deleting a test case
    • Paul is checking w/ consumer to see if really need it for 4.5.1. It is looking like deferral is possible.
    • Would prefer to defer integrating the patch because it relates to a sensitive part of code.
  • There is a data pool editor issue
    • This one really needs to be in 4.5.1 or will have negative consuming product feedback.
    • Team decided that if paul has a patch can it be put into tree today
    • Paul noted that he can easily rerun tests against this component.

Oliver asks when in September the final release of 4.5.1 is.

  • GA is 24th.
  • Final drop Eclipse is on the 17th with a test pass finishing on the 16th.

4.5.2 Discussion

Oliver wanted to talk a bit about 4.5.2

  • He would like to see some up front discussion with consumers to determine what testing schedule they can commit to
  • He would like to integrate this information into our milestones date selection process
  • Oliver wants to make sure that we eliminate (if possible) the finalization/last minute bug report problems that we've seen in past releases.

Profiler Outreach

Oliver commented that Eugene has made some good web pages with simple details for consumers

Oliver asks if we are going to have a version of the plugins that have more frequent fixes for community users than forcing them to wait for next milestone.

  • Chris notes that could have web page that points to current recommended development or stable build based on community needs.
  • Oliver notes that development build may have more stuff in it than we want (i.e., other changes besides the community profiler issues may be there)
    • Oliver suggests that we may actually need to consider one-offs for community users.
    • We will need to think about this and discuss it more.


Chris asked how communication with the Intel China team is going

  • It is really just getting started but so far response time has been good

Joanna needs to nominate Chris & Oliver as platform committers

  • Joanna noted that she has a few other nominations to do as well.

Paul mentioned that we still need to discuss the XML roadmap document for Eclipse Board of Directors.

  • We should put this on future agenda.

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