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Attending: Oliver, Eugene, AlexA, Paul, Chris Regrets: Joanna(vacation), Harm(conflict)

Are there any objections to last weeks summary?

  • No

Accounts and rights

A project lead for the high level TPTP component is needed. This person has the ability to do powerful project manipulations in the Eclipse portal. We currently don't have one and have to have the EMO do these manipulations.

  • Concept: Oliver should be lead and PMC members should be committers there.

Chris noted that problems arose when Paul cleaned up Test committers and Chris and Oliver lost their committer status. Chris and Oliver need committer status.

  • Paul suggests that Chris and Oliver be committers to platform too which is where some of the core build stuff is done.


  • Chris and Oliver as TPTP component committers
  • Chris and Oliver as TPTP platform committers
  • Oliver as TPTP components lead

Motion unanimously approved

  • AI: Joanna needs to go into portal and do nomination for Platform
  • AI: Oliver to mail to EMO asking for Oliver to be lead for TPTP component
  • AI: Paul to forward context on the TPTP component lead from Ann to Oliver
  • AI: Oliver to mail Joanna AI to to get her portal task done

Paul has been holding test project meetings

  • Paul proposes to integrate platform and test project calls into a single call
  • Chris asks how this will impact ability of China guys to dial in
  • Platform call is at 9am (eastern) -- 12 hours off from Beijing
    • While it is late, it may be possible for Toronto, Europe, and Beijing to dial in (probably not Oregon though).


Did a build go thru for yesterday?

  • Build did not complete last night
    • Paul needs a build for consumers to test our their build.
    • consumer is marching to 8/8 freeze so we would need to be tested by then
  • Chris messaged Lei about build status who indicated he was following up with Joel
    • Editorial note: Joel and Lei (with a bit of help from Chris while Lei is asleep) have been iterating on a number of issues with Probekit and AgentController that have been preventing builds from completing. We are getting closer.

Eugene had question about building of some components (monitoring and such) that were moved to as-is... They do not have code changes. Should existing binaries be used (reducing build times)?

  • It would save build time and it would save space on publishing
  • Paul notes that we continue to build other as-is components (for example in test)
  • Oliver asks about whether build time is a critical metric
    • Eugene mentions it is both build time and maintenance of build/publishing infrastructure
    • Actual build time may matter for daytime build but for nighttime builds it should not matter as much
  • In general, Oliver likes the concept of reviewing what we are doing to concentrate remaining resources in TPTP around the few key areas like profiling plugins. However we need to make sure we don't cut too deep.
    • Eugene to get full list of affected components and fuller proposal for components requested to remove from build
    • We will follow up in PMC next week when Joanna is back.


Joanna/Paul did a review of 4.5.1 defects for consuming products at IBM.

  • All but 1 out of the 12 that were considered "critical" for 4.5.1 are on track
    • The last defect is being pursued as aggressively as possible.
  • Oliver wonders if there has been any resolution on longer term avoidance of firefights?
    • (i.e., consumers doing test earlier on in the process to avoid post release firefights)
    • Team is so concentrating on getting past the critical juncture that this discussion was deferred.

We will go to PMC approval for 4.5.1 at end of this week

  • Want to defer pretty much everything except for the critical ones for consumers
  • Want to make sure that set of defects that we have resolved will avoid the need for a

Paul put up new schedule on the Web site

Profiler for Plugins

We were doing some analysis on TPTP plugins themselves as a sample case. Status:

  • Initial evalution of the the profiler on TPTP complete
  • Wiki page created detailing results
  • A few defects have been filed regarding usability and stability of TPTP
  • Oliver asks Eugene if bugs fixed for 4.5.1 will put us in position where we can engage a few plugin providers to try to use TPTP profiler to optimize their plugins
    • Do we think that the 4.5.1 release will be good to evangelize community?
    • Eugene thinks that it should be good for community in this timeframe
    • Eugene would like to have wiki page to really give a short script of what to use and how to use it
    • Oliver made the statement to the effect of "the most usable products have the shortest documentation"
      • Editorial note... If this is true, Chris must have created some of the most usable tools in history :-)
      • Of course Oliver meant that quantity and quality are different things
      • Goal here is some very simple pointers for Eclipse plugin experts.
        • Targeting plugin developers (use plugin terminology)


Eugene asks if Asaf will remain involved in project

  • Chris indicated that Asaf does plan to remain involved as items related to Martini arise.

AI to Chris to send out new dial in numbers

Team noted that this is the last week for AlexA to attend PMC.

  • AlexA hopes to remain a committer and partipate as a hobbiest
  • The team, particularly Oliver, thanked AlexA(Sasha) for his efforts on TPTP
  • Oliver said that if AlexA is ever in D.C. to look him up
  • Oliver said that if AlexA needs recommendation to let him know.

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