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Attending: Oliver, Harm, Chris, AlexA, Joanna, Eugene, Paul

Any objections to last weeks minutes?

  • no

Trace Lead

Last week we deferred choosing a trace lead. We were waiting for Alex to be back. This is the last lead we needed to pick

  • Alex is back and does intend to resign
  • Alex does not have any objection to Joana as the lead
    • Oliver says that it could be Eugene or Joanna depending on whether we wanted to stress the coordinational or technical details.
    • Role: Coordinating bugs w/ IBM
    • Role: Driving community effort forward
  • Harm suggests keeping Eugene concentrating on technical architecture and design and using Joanna to drive coordinating management of the items

Plan of attack

  • Joanna initial triage and hold weekly meeting handling management of items
  • Eugene coordinate technical side, code reviews, etc.
    • To inform Joanna if there need to be tweakage to the triage
  • Motion: Joanna to be the new TPTP Trace/Profiling lead
    • 1st Oliver, 2nd Harm
    • Unanimous approval
    • Congratulations to Joanna

Finalizing Organizational Changes

Oliver would like to do cleanup of the organizational stuff/administritive details and then make sure it all gets triggered.

  • AI for next week: leads single documentation of all the changes that need to be finalized
  • Document on a wiki page
    • We will then trigger it all at once

Harm believes that with the current portal and automated managed that the only thing that we have to go to eclipse for now relates to CVS access.

AlexA asks if there is something that needs to be done in the portal by him to get Trace lead role transferred to Joanna

  • AlexA recalled there being some manual interaction required by previous lead before when it transtioned from Guru to AlexA.
    • Harm indicates that all that SHOULD be required now is for Oliver to ask Mike in portal then Mike will approve and it should move over to Joanna
    • There is no action item for AlexA at this point.

Future Release Schedule

Paul would like to discuss 4.5.2 schedule a bit

  • Paul posted both schedules
  • Harm had requested an intirim milestone
  • Joanna asks what happens if there is a request for consuming product
    • Harm suggests that most consumers use the eclipse update site which would only get things from update site which would be official update (maintenance release cycle of fall maintenance release)
    • Oliver asks how this work in previous releases (e.g., when we did a We ran into issues because consumers did not test until after we froze. (Harm says that this is really the consumers messing up).
    • Joanna will go line up the dates of consumers with our dates to see how close they are to 4.5.1/4.5.2 dates
  • Harm suggests being conservative sooner (being careful about what bug fixes we put in) at the end will help eliminate last minute rushes

4.5.2 was originally down as 20 weeks w/ 1 iteration. Paul already split into 2 iterations

  • Harm suggests 3 iterations instead of 2.
  • Paul concerned about testing overhead
  • Harm says that since these releases are just about bugfixes and should be doing good unit tests, full test passes do not necessarily need to be as intense.
    • Oliver says that if we right-size the intermediate test pass he is okay with 3 6-week milestones
    • Harm says that intermediate test passes might be all automated tests

Harm asks whether the platform guys defined their schedule for winter maintenance release yet?

  • Paul indicates that they have just announced the end dates
  • Paul will ping the platform guys to see when they will have milestone schedule
  • It would be good to align with that if it they are close.


Oliver noted made good test automation progress. What will happen with that given the resource shufflings

  • Paul and Joel starting to look a bit more at this
  • Still have a few issues that they are trying to get done to get things to run completely with each build.

Oliver raised a question nabout 4.5 profiler and community users

  • Oliver would like to have some logical milestones related to external users... For example:
    • Have documented relevant use case and are ready to find someone
    • Have found someone who will use a certain amount
  • AI to Oliver and Eugene to talk thru some milestone possibilities

Oliver asks when AlexA will be moving off of TPTP?

  • AlexA indicates his last day is July 25

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