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Attending: Eugene, Paul, Oliver, Chris Regrets: Joanna(on vacation), AlexA(still ill?)

Any objections to last week's summary?

  • No

Lead Role Finalization

AG lead

  • Paul and Eugene talked about the responsibilities of AG leadership
  • Eugene has formally volunteered.
  • Oliver asks if Eugene understands all the rights and responsibilities of AG leadership
    • Eugene feels he does and is okay doing it.
  • Oliver moves that Eugene be the new AG lead. Chris seconds it.
    • Unanimous vote results in Eugene as the new AG lead.
    • Congrats Eugene

We decided to defer trace lead finalization for another week

Schedule for 4.5.1, 4.5.2

Oliver thanked paul for taking a pass at formalizing dates for maintenance releases

  • Paul took initiative on setting up a schedule
  • Paul not yet responded to final comments requesting for 1 day pushback to faciliate build work
    • Unfortunately, in order for us to do final touch test with the Eclipse pulled components we can't pull back the schedule by a day for the final release
    • Oliver asks why Eclipse has the endgame release schedule so tight?
      • Right at the end you have to get final eclipse drop
      • Paul notes that there are drops prior to that and if you keep up to date with them changes to this finaly Eclipse drop will be really really minor so it just needs a touch test at that point.

Oliver noted that in 4.5, it served us well to get stuff done in advance to have flexibility at the end of the schedule

  • Oliver asks if we can we do that again by pulling up test schedule a bit to leave flex at the end
  • Paul notes that we can only do so much of that becaues we do depend on external drivers being pulled in
  • Chris noted that we already gave ourself some flex by adding an additional week of PMC approval and moving project approval mode up by a week.
  • Paul noted that we could add another week of project approval to schedule (to make last week of development more conservative to get ahead of the game a bit).
    • General approval of this idea

Paul plans to shift everything that can be shifted by 1 day to accomodate request to facilitate final build without hyper frenzy.

  • Paul should call out the final one where we need to pull Eclipes driver and push result in the same day and underscore why it cannot be shifted.

Paul floated the schedule by some IBM folks and it didn't raise red flags

  • Oliver suggests putting these out as the schedule
  • If concerns come up, we can address them and revise
    • Editorial note: Harm had some feedback about the schedules on the mailing lists later in the day.

Motion to approve the schedule as modified by Paul and Joel

  • Unamimous approval

Moving toward community support

Oliver noted that we will be wanting to seriously support community users (particularly with the JVMTI profiler)

  • We need to idenfity segment of community to target
  • Obviouly we will still run Harm use cases as part of test passes
  • Oliver wants us to support wider Eclipse plugin community (e.g., other Eclipse projects) using TPTP on their plugins to make them better.
    • Wants to target that demographic with a bit more attention
    • How do we focus that effort?
    • General idea would be to have some case studies of using TPTP profiler on plugings/RCP then share that with community.

The suggest case study was using the profiler on TPTP itself.

  • Eugene mentioned that that was done some time ago in the 3.x releases with the JVMPI profiler. This is obviously quite stale.
  • We do know that there are some performance problems that should be visible :-)
  • Eugene suggests we do it in the TI profiler now.
  • We decided this would be a good project for some of the new Beijing resources.
    • Profile the UI with callgraph with a few scenarios
    • importing of data and visualizing/browsing of data
    • AI Chris to describe the AI to the Beijing team and set up lines of communication for this item with Eugene and Joanna
    • Beijing guys should provide some feedback on progress for next week's PMC meeting.


Paul raised a question nfor Alex when he gets back into office.

  • It was on last weeks PMC minutes. It is a question joel opened about cleaning up web content
  • AI AlexA to look at 231912

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