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Attending: Chris, AlexN, Oliver, Paul, Joanna

  • Note AlexA was out sick

Oliver asks if there were any objections to minutes from last week?

  • no

Ganymede Finalization

Paul stated that the the links for TPTP 4.5 for Ganymede have all been updated and it is now live on the site. All is up and running for downloads.

  • It is now safe to publically announce availability
  • It is now downloadable

Congratulations all around...

IBM team noted that there are a few bookkeeping cleanups that the leads need to do.

  • AI leads to check JRE/OS support statement
  • AI leads to ensure development plans page updated to point to 4.5.1 now.

Setting up for TPTP 4.5.1

Joanna noted that the bugzilla for 4.5.1 target is now opened

  • branching has been done (last step was updating a .project file)

AI Chris to send introduction mail between Joanna and Intel Beijing team

  • Joanna will figure out how to move foward w/ 12 hour skew

Oliver asks if Beijing heads getting ramped during this overlap period.

  • Chris noted that the remaining heads in St. Petersburg are working closely with the Beijing team.

There was some discussion about how to ensure that we cover code reviews in a timely fashion since pretty much all Intel contributors will not be committers for a while.

  • Strawman proposal
    • Eugene for JVMTI reviews
    • Jonathan for agent controller reviews (he has done some of this in 4.4.x and 4.5)

Joanna mentioned that IBM plans to replicate parts of the Intel building environment at IBM Oliver asks if Chris knows how much more overlapped ramp time there is between St. Petersburg and Beijing resources.

  • Chris stated that there is about one more month of overlap

The PMC moved on to a discussion around IBM resourcing levels

  • Joanna indicated that most involved teams from IBM have now been polled and they know more or less the shape of the commitment.
  • Several features will move to maintenance only and some will become as-is.
  • Paul will move to half time.
    • A full time engineer is needed for the role of AG lead
    • Joanna to talk to Eugene to see if he will be willing to volunteer.

Oliver asks how much turnover there will be in IBM team?

  • Joanna notes that for the most part there are no new people just some reduced percentages
  • There may be a bit of turnover in monitoring but that is still unknown.

Paul noted that there are a few web defects to fix for Trace project

  • 213912 for help content
    • Hopefully Alex can review when he comes back
  • Put in schedule for 4.5.1 over next few weeks.
  • Joanna did bug updating based on agreements from May 12 AG call
  • Should probably complete triage of defects
  • Some defects have patches ready.

The team discussed if we are going to do a full plan review or just triage bugs into 4.5.1.

  • Joanna suggests folding triaged bugs into spreadsheet
  • Discuss larger items at PMC

Oliver notes Joanna will make sure IBM items are covered and raises the question of how we ensure that community/user (profiler) defects are also triaged and prioritized. Oliver's intent is to think of ~2 of the heads really targeting community with remainder largely targeting consumers.

  • AI Alex will come up with an initial community priority list before he leaves to seed the Beijing team with some ideas while they ramp up.
    • As Beijing team ramps, will develop their intuition
    • Joanna plans to poll Eugene as well for his perception of community discussions as well.

Oliver talks a bit about the value of targeting the Eclipse community and asks if we want to actively engage with/talk to community or simply work on known backlog.

  • Question: Do we think that targeting eclipse community are right folks to target?
    • Oliver's concept here is that the most likely users that would potentially turn into contributors would be folks in other Eclipse projects already.
    • Chris suggests not a wide call to use to the whole Eclipse community but a targeted drive to 1 or 2 other projects may be okay.
    • Oliver suggested WTP.

Oliver is starting to think of Intels maintenance contribution being split between pure bugfix/backlog and outreach (to ensure community is actually using (and identifying new defects for us))

Of leads and subprojects

Oliver noted that we do NOT plan to formally combine the subprojects (test/trace/platform/monitoring).

  • These subproject divisions are approved at a higher level in Eclipse
  • Instead we are simply going to change how we manage the projects given the smaller resourcing levels.
  • The basic project structure remains the same

Logically, all the project leads will work

  • On technical issues with the AG lead
  • On planning/project management issues with the Platform lead

Test project lead role

  • Paul and Joanna to discuss whether Paul should remain as Test lead (since he will be part time)
    • We should know by next week but suspect that Paul will be able to stay on as lead.
  • Paul will only be half time and wants to make sure there is time for technical work too...
    • For planning/project management issues will offload to the platform lead.

Monitoring project lead role

  • AlexN notes that this is his last week at PMC meeting
  • Many of the monitoring features are being considered for "as-is" in 4.5.1
  • They will be maintained by the consuming product team.
    • Alex is working to facilitate the shutdown of this work
  • JMX & CBR in Monitoring project will definately remain GA
  • Oliver asks who will answer questions when they come up on monitoring?
    • AlexN notes that the emphasis will be on IBM consuming product to manage it.
    • Oliver asks how much the PMC can ignore can ignore monitoring and expect them to get the technical details done.
      • AlexN suggests that Joanna cover as proxy between BTM internal and TPTP
    • Joanna will need to deal with them on BTM (tech preview) to make sure it aligns with TPTP releases/processes
      • There were some issues with BTM folks not aligning with milestones or paying attention to tree lockdowns during Ganymede
      • Oliver asks if there anyone besides IBM who is looking at BTM at the moment.

General suggestion is that Joanna will be monitoring project lead as a proxy to internal IBM resources.

Platform project lead role

  • Joanna will remain here.

Trace/profiling project lead role Whoever this AG lead is MAY be right owner

  • AI to Chris and Joanna to have a thread with AlexA on this
  • Assuming that AlexA will be resigning
    • If Eugene is AG lead since he does a fair amount in the profiling space he would be a good candidate for Trace/profiling lead as well.
    • It would also reduce the number of different layers of communication that contributors will have to keep track of...


Chris made a motion to thank AlexN for his support and service to TPTP

  • Agreed to by everyone
  • Thanks Alex!

AlexN thanks everyone for their help.

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