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Attending: AlexA, AlexN, Chris, Oliver, Joanna

  • Not attending: Paul(on vacation)

Any objections to last week's summary?

  • no

TPTP 4.5 Finalization

Oliver asks how 4.5 is going?

  • Joanna noted that this morning there was a build issue with profiler that seems to be being worked.
  • Joanna notes from looking at test reports that there are still some to be run
    • Note that when we are done, remaining reports should be set to inconclusive for failures to get 100% pass rate for bookkeeping release.
  • Joanna notes that we will need to respin the bundle on Friday to pull in latest external dependences.
    • We will pull, build on Friday, release.

Post 4.5

Oliver asks if everything got fixed that we thought would cause a point release.

  • Joanna notes that there is nothing currently open that would require a point release
  • If consuming product teams find new problems they may escalate.

Oliver asks who decides on creating a point release

  • TPTP PMC approves and needs Eclipse foundation approval.

Oliver summarized the ballpark figures for expected HC

  • Looks like will have somewhere in the ballpark of 8 from IBM
  • Looks like we will have in the ballpark of 2 plus a bit from Intel for maintenance
  • Oliver asks IBM who they suggest as the new AG lead (should be a fulltime person)
    • Joanna following up with Harm on final resourcing commitments and AG ideas.

Oliver reiterated suggestion from a few weeks ago that in the presence of the reduction in force that Joanna take over driving overall engineering execution (beyond just platform project).

  • There do not seem to be any objections to this.

Oliver suggested that we try to logically keep about 2 of our heads at outward (e.g., user community) facing support and the remaining 8 at consuming product support. We will probably trade off community and consuming defects to achieve about this balance.

  • Oliver wants to stress to board that we intend to pay attention to the community with a reasonable fraction of our resource.

Discussion around project management

Oliver and Chris summarized some details of an introduction of Intel manager who manages new Intel contributors. Incoming resources are based in Beijing. Question to Joanna about how to handle meetings/syncup with remote team this way.

  • Joanna noted that IBM has this situation to some extent today with their contributors already (with Richard in India and another resource in Japan).
  • Joanna said that she will probably try to organize some calls plus more heavily used email
  • Oliver/Joanna asked how English skills be for team members (for teleconferences)
    • Chris suggested that there will probably be a range of skills but expects that at least one person on calls with good English level.
    • AI to Chris to send introduction between Xiao Feng and team and Joanna

Opening up 4.5.1

Joanna noted that we need to create a 4.5.1 target so people can start checking in fixes post 4.5

  • This should happen sometime next week.
  • Joanna suggests probably about Monday or Tuesday.
  • Joel will need to create a bugzilla target

AlexA talked a bit about remaining transition effort ongoing at Intel. AlexA discussed a few areas where IBM could help with ramp of new contributors

  • Beijing engineers are asking for more details about components breakdown (depends on new project management structure discussed above)
  • Beijing engineers asking about how triage will be done (depends on new project management structure discussed above).
  • AlexA and company have been helping identify some intial bugzillas for the Beijing team to contribute to. This will be a good first set. As they are with the project longer they will start being good at identifying key items themselves but will need some triage support in the intirim.
  • AlexA is glad we are branching off 4.5.1
    • St. Petersburg guys have some time to work a bit on fixes & help Beijing guys to start contributions
    • Being able to have a HEAD to checkin to will help

AlexA asked what will policy be for 4.5.1 bug selection? The team discussed bug selection process a bit.

  • We want to make sure the Beijing team gets assigned some good simpler/smaller defects to get used to process first.
  • AlexA underscored his initial experiences and noted that it will be a bit of a jump
    • New folks won't have committer rights.
    • AlexA has already picked a few smaller defects as initial areas for the Beijing team.
  • Harm plans to proceed business as usual (i.e., ongoing triage based on severity, priority and complexity.
  • AlexA asked what defects need to be avoided. He recalled some issues from 4.4.1 last year.
    • Chris noted that 4.5.1 cannot do any features/fixes that require adding more external dependences (last year we ran into a problem with adding an openSSL dependence in a point release).

AlexA asked if more documentation around testing processes/procedures for TPTP is available. That is an area that is a bit fuzzy for the new team right now.

  • Joanna can follow up a bit.

The questoin came up how we can balance community defects versus consumer defects (as discussed above).

  • Since there will be a period while the Beijing team is still getting totally familar, it would be helpful to pre-seed the list of community defects.
  • Would be good to have AlexA help identify a pool of "good for community" defects so that the PRC guys have this pool to pull from while they start to develop expertise in what is a community item and what is a consuming item.


Joanna asked for details of Oliver's board call so that she can dial in.

  • Joanna will try to dial in
  • Chris in all day meeting on Wed but will try to dial in.

Do we need an AG call on Monday?

  • We decided to cancel the call but if a disaster happens follow up on list and we may decide to have it then.

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