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Attending: Oliver, AlexA, Paul, Joanna, AlexN

Are there any objections to last weeks summary?

  • no

Finalizing 4.5

Paul reminding people about putting "new and noteworthy" details up for 4.5 release.

  • Oliver tried to look at it but got error 404. Paul will check.

Oliver noted that Joanna had sent a message regarding what is not yet fixed to the list. He wanted to use that as a framework for our discussion.

Discussion around Joanna's list

  • need RC4 drop tommorrow (Thu)
  • The highest risk item is the vanishing linux AC defect. It has been a challenge to reproduce.
  • The item assigned to Bing will get a go/no go decision a few hours (cautiously optimistic)
  • The items assigned to Eugene will be checked in later today
  • On item not reproducable
  • For one item a patch is in but there were some comments.
    • AlexA had found some restrictions in the model about importing two traces at the same time
    • He has a fix/workaround for it but thinks that it was always a problem (e.g., perhaps PI agent never used this codepath)
    • Joanna indicates that we need to decide if we should defer to future. AlexA would prefer to pull it in if it would require a
    • Eugene has found a related defect because this mode has not been used previously
    • AI to AlexA/Eugene to close on a plan for this defect.
      • Chris noted Russia team is about to leave for holiday
      • At minimum, AlexA should append comments to defect and Joanna can follow up with him.
      • AlexA stated that he needs detail from Eugene about what he expects here.
      • Group underscored possibility of risk. Joanna is leaning toward not having it in 4.5.

Oliver suggests that we have a deadline after which there will be no more checkins.

  • RC5 final date is June 17th (tuesday)
  • Joanna suggests that tommorrow be last day for patches.
  • Oliver asks how long it would take for a test pass
    • Paul notes that it is a shorter test pass.
    • Joanna planning on running automated tests.

Suggest closing

  • Finish all but AC vanishing issue today/tonight.
  • RC4 updated build tommorrow morning
    • 2 days of testing (non-Russia)
    • Russia team runs their tests on Monday
  • Fill in AC vanishing issue fix if it comes in by Friday
    • Oliver got confused between vanishing AC and AlexA's multiple import patch.
  • Assumption that AlexA/Eugene close on their defect plan today.
  • Assumption that Paul/Bing close on their defect plan today.

Post 4.5 Discussion

Joanna talked to main consuming products. They are doing heavy duty testing thru July. They won't know until then if they will try to push for a point release.


Oliver brought up an item from the mail thread. A reporter is asking for an interview about TPTP.

  • Oliver would do it but Would like someone with him (Paul or Joanna) since questions are about testing.
  • Paul notes that they want to interview on tests _processes_ rather than test tools.
    • Test project provides test tools rather than processes.
    • TPTP platform (and other individual projects) has a process for running tests.
  • Oliver will follow up with them to get more guidance about what interviewer wants.

Oliver brought up the supject of next week's board presentation

  • Reiterated that he is backing off of POG (because we are dropping to maintenance)

We had assorted discussion on Oliver presentation points

  • Question why a smaller project would participate in simultaneous release (besides ease of consumability by consuming products).
    • Small project can get lost in press of simultaneous release and not derive new users/interest to your specific project from the release
    • Group more or less decided this was not a board level question.
  • Question about whether Eclipse is targeting consuming products or end users.
    • There is already a known schizophrenia of this problem in Eclipse. Unclear value of bringing it up to board (again)
  • What else is there to ask/talk to the board about?
    • Question nwhether more downloads tracking is possible

Note Russia holidays Thu/Fri.

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