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Attending: Paul, AlexA, Oliver, Chris, AlexN, Joanna

Are there any issues with last weeks minutes?

  • no issues

Does anyone need to drop early?

  • no

4.5 I8

Oliver trying to see test pass report but is seeing no detail in tabular report.

  • He is not seeing any content
  • Paul notes that he needs to go by tab for the different subprojects
  • Paul notes that the report is pretty new (since its for I2 rather than I1 now).
  • AI to Paul to send Oliver a link to make sure Oliver looking at right place

When Joanna went and looked at test pass reports

  • She saw that it just had population for Test and Monitoring projects
  • Joanna added stuff in for platform.
    • In particular she added profiling tests in. AI to AlexA to review and make sure Joanna put in the right set.

Test Pass 2

Oliver asks how test pass 2 is going

Paul reports for Test project

  • Test has 1 blocker... Jerome is working on it and should finish fix today
    • Requires only a minimal change
  • Test has 3 critical defects
    • One can be resolved after release review and is just a faulty test
    • Second is test navagator issue. Jerome will look after he finishes the blocker
    • Third relates to parallel agent startup
      • Duayne looking into it. It will probably will spill over to next release
  • Test has lot of tests left to do but will move finishing by tommorrow.

AlexN reports for Monitoring project

  • Needs to review tests that have been included in TP2. He wants to focus on testing areas around where defects were fixed last week and not a full test pass.
  • Still has a few critical defects.
    • 2 translation related items
    • 1 regarding lacking a sample (a patch exists)
  • Oliver asks if Monitoring will finish test stuff tommorrow
    • Probably not tommorrow. probably end of day Friday.

Joanna reports for Platform project

  • Okay completing pass by end of day today.
  • Biggest problem at the moment is getting Harmony stuff built.
    • 234568 contains discussion around this issue. It is actively being worked by the team.
  • Joanna has about 13 additional defects that she is hoping will be able to be done.
    • Oliver asks how we got from 7 to 13 defects (last week Joanna mentioned 7 defects that would potentially cause a
    • Joanna notes that the earlier 5-7 quote were additional consuming product items dependences, not a full enumeration. The remaining are stuff that was already on our plate (e.g., the Java6 class file support stuff).

AlexA reports for Trace/Profiling

  • Trace has no outstanding issues
  • Will finish test pass probably by end of day tommorrow.
    • Depends on Richard who needs to run for BTM
  • A question was raised about a double apostrophe issue
    • AlexA says that Apostrophe's are inserted by the translator. The translator should fix it to remove the double apostrophe.
    • Paul notes that it needs to be escaped if one wants an apostrophe.
    • AlexA notes that normally need to place a directive in each file requiring translation. This directive states whether or not the apostrophe needs to be doubled or not. AlexN can provide the details.
    • AlexA asks where the defect should be targeted if it not Trace responsibility but is translator responsibility.
    • Team looked it up during meeting and were surprised to note that it was not flagged by the tool during the build as a translator issue.
    • AlexA would like AlexN to provide details about how to proceed and it will be enough detail for Igor to proceed.
      • AI AlexN to discuss the defect with AlexA and decide on how to approach/retarget it.

Oliver summarizes test pass discussion and states that Joanna and AlexN are at risk for finishing test pass this week.

  • AlexN thinks its under control but just needs some juggling.
  • Oliver asks how we can contain Joanna's risk. Joanna notes that we can't really help too much and the team just needs to work thru it.

Wrapping it Up

Oliver asks what happens if we are not finished by Friday?

  • We should not blow the schedule of delivering on the 10th. RC4 final date is 10th. Final drop by the 17th.
  • Oliver would like to meet Monday to close (during AG call) but overlaps with release review.
    • Joanna says that monday is too late. would like to meet tommorrow.
    • Anyone who will be at risk of Friday should dial in tommorrow to meeting.

Looking forward to post 4.5

Maintenance release schedule set: Eclipse 3.4.1 will be in September. 3.4.2 will be in Feb '09.

Oliver asks if we want to pre-emptively open any bugs to ensure that we have enough detail to hit the ground running when we move to maintenance only.

Oliver asks if we know yet whether we will need a point release (

  • Paul suggests would rather work over weekend to finish than do a
  • Joanna pushing for list of defects from consumers that would require a point release.

Oliver asks about the ramping of new people. Will they be ramped?

  • AlexA mentions that team is ramping new team
  • Alex notes that the amount of time to do this will depend on whether or not there is a
  • Chris underscores that a point release will cause issues for transistion work that will happen at Intel and may result in only unramped resources after the point release.

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