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Attending: Paul, Chris, AlexA, AlexN, Joanna, Oliver (from cell)

Note, Oliver needs to leave early


Oliver asks if we have to discuss anything for M7.

  • No, it is all done

Joanna noted that there is a bulid problem on the Intel side right now. The last two attempts failed.

  • AlexA notes that Stanislav and Kiryl are working on build failure.

On Defect/Enhancement Deferral out of 4.5

The deadline for leads to list their deferral goals was 5/5. It was moved to 5/7 and then to 5/12 and finally to 5/14.

All leads are "almost" done updating AG wiki page with "slip" lists.

  • Paul is done with his
  • Joanna has a plan but has not encoded all items on page
  • AlexN has all but 1 reflected on page and will close on that one today
  • AlexA needs to update his list a bit to reflect items that were done already in the last week and to be a bit more conservative.

AI to all leads to finish updating AG wiki page today/tonight (5/14)

Detailed Discussion around 4.5 Deferrals

Oliver asks for confirmation that we still want it all documented in 1 place.

  • yes

Oliver asks who is not done with their triage/listing yet.

  • Joanna has not done it yet. Has been swamped with other stuff.
  • Has a plan for what to do but has not updated wiki yet.

Trace had accidently put items on the previous week's AG minutes (AlexA moved them to this weeks AG minutes during the call)

  • Alex suggests that have a dedicated page instead of having in a wiki minutes

AlexN notes that some of items that he has put on AG are actually platform defects.

  • AI Joanna to let AlexN know if there are issues there.
  • AlexN noted he is going on vacation for ~2 weeks starting tommorrow
    • He was already a bit conservative but may remove one more.
    • AlexN is only retaining commitment to 4.5 for items that have patches already pretty much done.
      • Other time will be spent on testing and stressing to uncover any blockers...

Joanna notes that for trace list IBM consumers have already given green light.

  • no objections to trace items.

Paul notes that for Trace/profiling... there are a lot of items listed as "will fix" in I8. Can they all be contained?

  • AlexA notes that some have already been fixed. AI AlexA to update list to remove resolved items (DONE)
    • After this, there will only be ~10 will fix items for I8
    • Can remaining ~10 be done in next 2 weeks?
      • AlexA thinks chances are good.
  • Paul asks if items will they be done in next ~1 week
    • We want to be shutting down and stabilizing and testing rather than more big items
      • Alex to review list carefully and consider removing another few to ensure time for new blockers that may arise.

Paul notes that for Monitoring... Some documentation items are listed as deferred.

    • What documentation will exist for these components?
    • Problem: initial documentation had hooks for adding additional documentation
      • thought it was too late to start experimenting with these hooks.
      • May get some results if you do search.
  • Docs are gone now but hooks are still there.

AlexA notes that there are some questionable bugs marked critical

  • AlexA hopes that some of them Joanna can look at.

For Test, have request from a consumer to get a few specific things in.

  • Prioritizes blocking/critical with nice to have defects.

Paul notes if there are defects there that were made P1 early in release and we know know that they are not as important as other things then we should talk about deferring them now and then on a case-by-case basis pull them back into 4.5.

  • Joanna suggests the opposite approach. leave items that hope to fix in "will fix" list.
  • AlexA is following an alternate approach and creating a third category of "questionable" for high risk items that we don't want to vote off yet.

Paul notes that at this point should be putting into tree only things that are really necessary.

AlexA notes that Java6 support will be coming in during the next few days

  • Joanna notes that Harm really wants it in
  • We will have to test
    • Similar in some ways to IPv6 (a big item that IBM really wanted in).
  • We should monitor these very carefully.
  • Java6 stackmap patch should be smoke tested for probekit today
    • Asaf waiting for IP review until smoke test done.
    • AI Asaf to provide package for IPzilla to Chris today
    • AI Joanna and team to provide smoke test results to Chris today
    • AI Chris to file package for IP review as soon as successful tests are confirmed.

Note P2/P3 can be moved out without PMC approval.

  • If it has a risk of regression should defer it.
    • Joanna asks if the patches exist for the defects. yes.
    • Joanna would like to see (even if defect does not go in), to leave the patch in bugzilla
      • Paul says that maybe it should be p1.

Do we need the stop-ship-template filled out for remaining items to be checked in.

  • it is a good idea.

AlexA notes that Joanna wanted to see 224639 moved out but had it P1

  • This started a general discussion around priority versus criticalness fields of bugzilla
  • AI Chris to fwd link about use of priority and criticalness fields.

4.5 Finalization Logistics

Paul has pulled current IP logs and plugin readmes and will forward to EMO

  • AI to leads to check to make sure IP logs are up to date.
  • AI to leads to make sure their "new and noteworthy" content is created. It will be critical for creating release review and release collateral.
  • This AI Due TOMMORROW (5/15)

"new and noteworthy" content needs to be created

  • AI to Project leads need to have this content by end of day tommorrow (5/15)
  • Need release review foils (but it won't be heavily used in release review which should be really quick)


  • 2 weeks of test starting this week
  • drop RC1
  • 1 week of test
    • Paul suggests NOTHING GO IN at that point unless absolute blocker.
  • drop RC4

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