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Attending: Oliver, Paul, Joanna, Chris, MikhailV, AlexN

No debate over last weeks summary.

TPTP 4.5 I6

Oliver asks about I6 testing. Its supposed to be about done. How is it going?

Paul states he is about 2/3 done with test project

  • Sizable defect list compared to past work
  • Expected somewhat because of volume of mods
  • Down to 2 blockers
    • [1] test report generation not in ui
    • [2] malformed input exception
  • Expect to finish testing by end of day tommorrow

AlexN talks about Monitoring Project

  • No problems making Friday deadline
  • Should be able to finish
  • Not sure why some results have not been run yet.
    • Will go back to people to see what is wrong with results or report
  • Had some issues w/ AGR
    • It should be working w/ latest driver

Joanna talks about platform project

  • Some probekit issues appeared
  • To work around they are running them manually

Oliver and paul underscored the fact that we cannot miss the Friday Ganymede drop.


Oliver would like to build a bit of organization around these initiatives for post 4.5 effort.

  • Oliver needs has hard time understanding all tasks that need to be done and how it relates to an overall strategy.
  • If we are going after end users, we may end up with some tough tradeoffs between user demanded features and sponsoring company priorities.
    • Do we fix a bug reported by IBM or Intel or do outreach to community?
    • Who is the advocate for the community interests? How do we make these decisions?
  • Oliver thinks this role could be either someone at IBM or at Intel who is willing to take it on.
    • There was some discussion around specific candidates.
      • For TOG the one and only candidate was Paul who was approved. Condolences to Paul.
    • AI: IBM and Intel to discuss POG and come back with some discussion items next week
      • Intel noted that they may need to wait for AlexA to get back from Egypt to close on the discussion.

Question from MikhailV: Is this a separate thing from project lead?

  • Oliver is not sure that project lead and POG lead are the same person
  • POG lead is more about being the advocate for the community and even suggesting places where compatibility may want to be broken.
    • This person will definately need to negotiate with the technical lead
    • This person will need to talk to other projects in Eclipse and community at large about getting users.
  • Oliver could also see POG lead and technical lead being same person but unsure at this point.

We discussed this a bit more. The POG lead is actually an advocate and is different from technical design and assignments

  • Advocate outreach to get more users.
  • explain use cases and get folks involved.
  • Mikhail mentions that language barrier may be an issue for some of their guys if verbal outreach (versus mailing list outreach) is desired.
    • Oliver did mention that at the very least there will be some discussion at PMC, AG, POG calls.

We also discussed whether candidate should be full time or part time on TPTP.

  • For example, Mikhail does spend a large portion of his time on TPTP related items but not necessarily as a developer.
  • Development (i.e., bugfix experience) not necessarily needed as much. Need to understand usability and how to explain/teach. Bugfix/feature work ideal but may not be necessary.

The question came up about whether we need to involve candidates now as they need to have some input too.

  • AI to Oliver to talk a bit to some potential candidates for feedback.

Plugins and Projects

Mikhail followed up from the F2F where discussion of managing projects and plugins arose. He was hoping to get a few quick near term changes thru to arrange development around the focus areas of different teams for the rest of Ganymede.

  • Mikhail and AlexA have forwarded various proposals to Joanna.
  • Mikhail reiterates that streamlining it help developers have more effective communication
  • Will be discussed at AG call next week.

Heap Profiler Futures

Oliver would like to see if SAP heap dump analyzer could become the new heap profiler of TPTP

  • This raises assorted technical problems with how to act on deprecating the existing one.
    • Since new one would be tech preview there would be a problem with having period of time where nothing is GA
    • Loss of backward compatibility
    • ...
  • New one will need time to get to production level; so they may need to incubate and tech preview before we deprecate
    • But then how do we get resource efficiency in the 08-09 timeframe to assist with integration.
  • The suggestion was that the AG call should be used to discuss the best way to not to duplicate effort and gain efficiency.
    • Sample question: Would there be a heart attack at IBM at the suggestion to deprecate/as-is the current TPTP heap profiler
      • Oliver notes that IBM has several free heap profiler technologies
      • SAP would have to be ready to state they support IBM JVMs
  • There are assorted questions to close on regarding long term commitment.
    • General agreement that if the details work out, it has the potential to be exciting.


Oliver mentioned the action item from the F2F for Joel to go determine some cost details for EPP bundle

  • Asked for update from Joanna
  • Chris noted that at Monday AG call Joel had asked for clarification on action item and Oliver was going to follow up.
  • Team discussed exact action item
  • Joanna will talk to him

Chris asked about logistics for creating a new plugin. Is it simply updating CVS or what? Paul outlined the steps.

  • Update in CVS
  • Talk to Joel to include in builds (and Intel build team if it involves native build)
    • Build team will make sure it gets included in packaging
  • Update references to correct feature

Oliver asks if weekly schedules helping people?

  • Concept is that they are supposed to be helping point out imbalances in resource
  • Oliver thinks we may be seeing less stress at endpoints of milestones this way
  • AlexN is thinking it is useful
  • Paul finds that breaking things down into consumable pieces is helpful
  • Joanna is starting to see more value from it too
  • Note this is the first discussion about this where there has not been some skepticism!
    • (editorial note): Oliver probably did a little happy dance

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