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Attending: Paul, Harm, Oliver, Chris, AlexA, AlexN, Joanna

  • Nobody needs to leave early
  • No objections to last weeks minutes

I6 Discussion

Oliver asks if all projects have everything defined and planned all the way thru testing.

  • No objections regarding this assertion.

Oliver notes that there are some slips in the I6 weekly schedules. Are any leads concerned about these slips WRT impact on 4.5?

  • For test, Paul is seeing some serious things starting to slip.
  • Paul will come to F2F with a prepared list of defects that will probably not be met.
    • Oliver is primarily concerned with ensuring that Intel and IBM requirements are met.

Static analysis tool

IBM ended up running into internal resourcing constraints. Team cannot meet support commitments WRT the static analysis tool

  • At the moment, it cannot build because of some issues with CDT
  • Plan to move from GA codestream to "as-is" codestream
  • Harm would like to propose moving forward with this removal
    • Would probably take the I5 codestream (which did build) and put those bits into the "As-is" bits.
    • Paul notes that this may stimulate some community involvement (as happened with AGR)
      • If some community members show interest will request help.
    • Plan approved

WTP Discussion

WTP is making some API changes; wanted to know if we will need matching changes on TPTP side.

  • Harm states Eugene should be able to confirm but we are not using internal WTP APIs.
    • Joanna notes that WTP is deprecating some external APIs
      • Harm chuckled in an unhappy way
    • AI for Eugene to determine if we are safe.

F2F Discussion

Face to face planned for Sunday before Eclipsecon

  • Start at 9a
  • Andreas thinks he can be there at 10
  • WTP will come talk to us at 3p
  • Paul will arrive at 1p
  • Joanna cannot dial in between 2p and 4p (eastern)

Oliver would like to start his lobbying for 4.5 resources after the F2F

  • Wants to make clear value of community involvement
  • Meeting w/ Intel folks on Tue and Mike Milenkovich on Wed

Oliver will send out agenda if everyone sends in line items

  • POG effort in the morning
  • Please annotate which items Paul should be there for.

Room details

  • Upgraded to board room.
  • Hardwired internet connection

Oliver will ask each lead some questions at the F2F

  • Oliver depends on folks that he cannot see or directly control
    • How do team leads understand what is and is not getting done by these resources


Paul asks if AlexA is planning for asking for AG approval for enhancement request regarding command line support

  • Wants to know if there are resources available and intended to get done by end of I6 and documented
  • AlexA notes that since it is all command line (not workbench) components only documentation would need translation
    • AlexN notes that "setConfig" should have some strings and would have deadline of Apr 4
    • One possibility is to do documentation by Apr 4 and do code mods in I7

AlexA asks about detailed schedule on the web site. Has it been updated as per test pass discussion last week?

  • Paul has updated the schedule. It is correct.

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