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Attending: Joanna, Oliver (in Paris), AlexN, Paul, AlexA

Any objections to summary from last week?

  • No.

4.4.1 Discussion

Oliver notes that we need to finish within about a week and that test reports still seem not so complete. Only a few percent of tests are listed as passing in report.


  • Halfway thru 2nd test pass.
  • Target completion by eod of day tommorrow
    • BIRT defect
    • Copyright dates need updating (see below)
  • Paul seeing a connection refused error connecting from windows to linux system.


  • AlexN needs to go back to list of tests for 2nd test pass and make sure it is correct.
    • Team has already has run remote logging [linux] and verified problem was fixed
    • Windows IA32 also run.
    • Will be running smoke test on remaining components
    • Will be runing linux perfmon (pfmon?) tests as well.
  • When Oliver looks at test pass report now is at about 6%. He asks if remaining 94% be done this week.
    • AlexN states they will run some this week
    • AlexN states they will only do a smoke test for remaining bits
      • AI AlexN to update test report to reflect planned tests
    • As they smoke test, they will be stressing components that impact with agent controller


  • Team is fairly well into 4.5 I5 testing and only has residual 4.4.1 tests remaining
    • 4.4.1 testing will run profiling and AC tests (automated)
    • AI: Joanna needs to update test pass 2 report for 4.4.1 to ensure that it reflects this reduced list
  • Believes team is in good shape for the end of the week
  • One defect unsure if we intended to fix: IPF termination
    • JVMTI terminates on linux IPF when profiling is enabled.
    • Jonathan and AlexA have been looking at it
    • Igor to look at it as well.
      • If we want it in need it in tommorrow to let us do test before deadline
  • One release notes item.
    • Joanna mentions that it just needs checkin. She will request PMC approval later today.


  • Team is making smoke tests now
    • Matt covering for Richard who was out last week
    • Have already done everything that was intended to be done
  • No issues have shown up in Trace testing.

Of Copyrights

Joanna thought there was a mail thread asking if sufficient stuff had been done by Kendrick

  • Paul states not quite enough done yet
  • We may need to do some manual checking to verify all required updates are done
    • Joanna states that Joel and Kendrick working together on it.

Paul thought that Joanna had opened defect in early Jan to fix up copyrights.

  • Joanna had cleaned up her area but there may still be 1-2 files that are bogus
    • Still may need to check a few patches to ensure they have appropriate copyright notices
    • The report (for copyright checks) definately needs fixing.

Chris asked what the implications are if some are missed. Oliver discusses what he is aware of WRT copyright policies (not that any of us are lawyers)...

  • 5% of file should have changed to change the date.
  • Oliver notes that US law now allows implicit copyright without header.
    • May want to check (eventually) with Eclipse legal regarding whether they will be changing their policies.
  • In any event general believe is that this defect is probably a pretty low risk.

Finishing 4.4.1

Oliver states that he would prioritize 4.4.1 over 4.5 at this point (general statement about value of "release" software).

Any last comments that would delay 4.4.1?

  • No

4.5 Discussion

Oliver states that we want to finish up last bits of testing to get to about 100%

  • Joanna met with platform team last Thursday to prioritize areas that had some modifications
    • There are still some broken probekit tests
    • She is prioritizing 4.4.1 finalization over getting these 4.5 tests fixed.

Oliver asks if anyone needs something from him to help finish up I5.

  • AlexA has asked JoeToomey about 1 critical blocker
    • Has not gotten feedback from Joe on ARM using new AC.
    • AI to Joanna to follow up with Joe.

I6 weekly schedule not yet done. folks have been busy on 4.4.1 and I5 finishup

  • Any problems getting update to triage/weekly schedule by next week?
    • AlexN done. test cases not yet done. Its better than any other project.

Oliver asks if there is anything else for 4.4.1 or 4.5?

  • No


Oliver/Paul were planning to have meet with Dave Williams (WTP)

  • Did not happen yet. No huge rush

Oliver raises subject of lots of part time people on project

  • There are varying levels of productivity for PT resources
  • Asks if we should consider assigning tests to part time resources.
    • Easy to predict time to spend to complete tests.
    • Easy to track contribution.
  • Comments
    • AlexN notes that he has all part time people (but at 50%) needs them for defect work.
    • There was general discussion that there are lots of part time folks that would not line up with this model very well.
    • AI: Oliver to provide some info about reasonable metrics for productivity

Paul talks a bit about BVTs and test automation

  • At the moment, eXceed needs to be running and cannot be in screen saver mode
    • This will be fixed in 4.5
  • Reports are up on web site for each build in build reports link for the build
    • One of these weeks Paul will use AG meeting slot to discuss details with leads.

POG update

  • AlexA mentions that some issues reported by Harm are now closed
    • Team has found new set of issues that will be examined in next iteration
    • Have found an issue in thread profiler (related to clickback to source code)
  • Current status
    • We definately have become more stable
    • Attach/detach are markedly better (even w/ IBM jvm)
    • We have fixed issues w/ some incorrect results being visualized
  • No significant new negative feedback.
  • We are probably ready for another user scenario.
    • AlexA has been talking to Chris.
      • Chris has been talking to Intel team doing Java optimization and management about getting commitment to document their TPTP use and commit to collaboration on usability in Q2.
      • Team is getting close to committing.
    • There are of course some suggestions from Harm to improve usabilty a bit more
      • Some we can do and some we may defer.
      • Oliver states that If harm happy then he is happy

Oliver gave an update regarding the Netbeans comparison document.

  • It will hopefully be done next week.
  • Oliver did hear back from Mike Milenkovich who had no concerns.
    • It seems appropriate particularly for a smaller company to do such a comparison.
  • OCS a member of TPTP is doing it.
    • Oliver has offered to do quick briefing for the board. Unclear if there is time on the board agenda at EclipseCon on Mar 17.
  • As time goes by TPTP will need to decide who to approach Eclipse vs. Netbeans comparison
    • Stress and improve areas where we are better
    • OR... fill in where we are weaker
    • Both are valid approaches.

Oliver has asked Eclipse for meeting room for the afternoon of Mar16 for TPTP F2F

  • We got our request in pretty early so chances are pretty good.
  • Unfortunately, Joanna and AlexN will not be at EclipseCon
    • We will want to get a phone line open so they can dial in.

Paul noted that the BOF is scheduled Wednesday at 8:45p

Oliver noted that his "report to management" will go out soon

Oliver talked a bit about his experiences in France with his nieces.

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