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Attending: Oliver, Harm, Joanna, Paul, AlexA, AlexN, Chris

4.4.1 Release Update

According to the schedule testing will be starting on January 28

Items still unresolved

  • JSSE implementation:
    • Jon and Igor are reviewing the patch.
  • Joanna's deferral defect

4.4.Release and IBM JVM

Eugene sent note with table of problems with IBM Java 1.5 and JVMTI:

  • This relates to this defect
    • Problem described recommendation 1.5 SR6 (which does not solve everything)
  • Eugene has also opened a few other related bugzillas
  • In bug Alexander/Asaf have put in some defect notes
  • IBM considers this quite important for 4.4.1
  • Readme is not sufficient.

Why is this not resolved? We have had assorted mail threads about possible scenarios.

  • Have not been treating as a stop ship defect
  • Have not addressed class redefinition

What do we want here for 4.4.1.

  • Good enough would be to provide all that we can w/ limitations
  • Eugene will make the call from IBM side and Alex will interface from Intel side
    • With help from Asaf
  • Do not know yet exact all the details
    • Come back next week with details
    • Eugene sizing for 4 defects he created

= 4.4.1 Test Pass

Any concerns with overlapped test passes

  • > 200 fixes have gone in
  • Joanna would rather move 4.5 test pass up than 4.4.1 test pass
    • Doesn't leave much development time for 4.5
    • but would recapture some of that time I6
  • Paul -- no issues. Have new intern to help
  • AlexN -- since didn't have many fixes don't believe need full test pass
    • AC and TI have made major changes
  • Paul made alternate suggestion
    • 4.5 test pass 1 move up taking 1 wk and eliminates test pass 2
    • 4.4.1 in 1 wk

Missing report on the web site for upcoming test pass.

  • Paul looking at it

Closure on 4.4.1 and 4.5 test pass

4.5 schedule dates

  • TP1 for I5 starting on Monday

Oliver asks who consumes and tests with 4.5 I5.

  • If not really consumed then why push testing heavily
  • Harm says the Ganymede drop is downloaded by 1000s
  • Joanna would be satisfied with some smoke tests for this iteration
    • Probably would cut time in ~half.
      • Paul ok
      • AlexN would test 4.5 more than 4.4.1 because that is where more work happens for his project
      • AlexA will need support from Eugene on Trace tests (the ones historically done by IBM that weren't done in I4)

Harm's suggestion (ratified by group)

  • Skip test pass 1 for I5
  • Leave 4.4.1 test pass alone as it exists in schedule
  • When 4.4.1 test pass finishes do some reduced testing on 4.5
  • Test pass 2 for I5 becomes full test pass

AI: Everyone should update their test plans to reflect this.

4.5 Discussion

Oliver asks if all weekly schedules up to date?

  • No comments

Oliver asks what else needs discussion for 4.5

Regarding OpenSSL, Joanna says we have the ability to file an IPZilla to SHIP it with 4.5

  • It turns out that the effort to get this to go thru is no worse than getting an external dependence approved
  • There was general agreement that this sounds like a good idea
  • The only question related to how this would impact our packaging size
    • I believe Joanna was going to have someone estimate this.


AlexN wanted to discuss some patch requests that came from a consumer of that does not want to move to 4.4.1

  • Request came for some one-off (backported) patches to
    • How/whether TPTP project would deliver these this type of patches
    • A patch would need to be in response to a specific bugzilla
    • Consumer is actually requesting an alternate build of a component.
      • Supporting such an alternate build is not scoped/planned by TPTP project
      • If a consumer wants variant not supported by project they are free to build themselves.

Paul ready to pull trigger on committer removal

  • He has Chris' latest updates from PMC mailing list (accumulating requests from several Intel folks for removal)
  • Harm asked if Chris' list was consistent with what is coming from internal process
  • AI to everyone to go check the list.

There have been build issues with 4.4.1

  • 4.5 is building
  • NOTE, (as of 11a on 1/18 -- offline discussion w/ Kiryl indicates that some fixes have been checked in so next build from IBM should proceed.

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