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Alan Haggarty, Alex (IBM), Oliver, Harm, Alex (Intel), Paul, Chris

  • joanna and Guru had conflicts

AIs distributed at meeting

  • Paul -- add to weekly schedules action item to clean up bugzilla
  • Paul -- add to weekly schedules action item to clean up test criteria
  • AI: leads to ensure that this test suite that will be run for their project has the exact tests intended.
    • This is an immediate AR for test pass that started this week and is also a more long term AR to make sure that correct tests are reflected for subsequent test passes.
  • AI: leads to finish weekly milestones in [TPTP_45_Weekly_Schedule]
    • In addition, make sure that test passes are documented in weekly schedule.
  • AI: Chris: Chris to calender Oliver/Chris meeting for 9am pacific tommorrow.
  • AI: Oliver: Reserve part of PMC next week to talk about EPP must lists
  • AI: Chris/Joanna: Poll internally whether inclusion in Ganymede is a must have for our corporate directions.
  • AI : All: Get submissions for EclipseCon in
  • AI:Alex(Intel)w/ Oliver: Draft of announce regarding Profiler usability to go out and targeted recipients and timeline.
  • AI: Oliver: Reserve a bit of PMC meeting time to discuss profiler usability (ongoing)

Followup from Last Week.


  • No comments on minutes from last week
  • Action items from last week: Updating Weekly milestones
    • Trace not yet there [weekly milestones]
    • Platform not there yet.
    • Monitoring has added content (kudos :-)

Bugzilla cleanup

  • Clean up plan keywords/and fix bugzillas
    • Looks like much of plan keyword stuff is done
    • Other cleanup remains to be done.
      • Setting priority/severity
      • Deleting defects that will not be addressed
      • Making sure assignees are active
    • Point is to clean up all defects not just ones for 4.5
      • Note from Trace: defect planning/assignments for 4.5 are done.

test pass definitions

  • test pass criteria cleanup
    • Test project has cleaned up theirs
      • Gold star for Paul from Oliver
    • Monitoring project has cleaned up some of them
      • for this test pass
      • For test pass 2 (because no issues from test pass 1) Monitoring will smoke test
  • Leads to manage and state/define suites. Fulfil AR from last week
    • Indicating which tests are intended to run for each test suite.
      • e.g., guru thinks he is good for Trace but there are 9 test sets not run (ARM).
      • If this is intentional, they should not be in test pass.
      • Are they intended to be there or just old?

We had a discussion regarding naming of test suites.

  • Harm suggests to decouple test suite name from what is used for a given test pass (e.g., smoke test, full test, etc)
    • People are getting too caught up in the specific suite name rather than updating the suite to reflect he desired behavior for a given test pass.
    • No final resolution was made here.

Paul will run test report on agreed upon suite for test pass 2 [e.g., smoke test]

Test pass 2 started today but have not yet finished Test pass 1.

  • Realistically because of tight schedule, have to proceed forward (cannot slip)
    • Risk -- ~1000 tests not been run (or results checked in)
    • Question from Oliver: How many users of this Ganymede milestone TPTP version will there be? Is keeping schedule critical or 100% test pass completion ideal?
      • Decision to keep schedule.
    • Question from Paul: Are we cutting our losses on test pass 1 (calling it done), and moving on to test pass 2?
      • Pretty much yes. We will test what needs to be tested for release.
  • So the driver built yesterday is the driver for test pass 2
    • Deliver in 1 week
    • If by end of this week leads feel that delivery next week is a serious risk, they should post to list ASAP [and definately this week].
      • Make sure that test passes are documented in weekly schedule.

Update from Oliver on PC

Oliver talking about Planning Council meeting

  • Question about moving schedules from Jan 7
    • Much discussion about dates/holidays worldwide
  • We would start putting our plugins into EPP (eclipse packaging project) (instead of independent all in one).
    • Coordinating with packaging guys to choose actual package/bundle we would integrate into.
      • There are a number of must be done and should be done lists
      • Musts include: signed jars, pack200, etc. Will reserve part of next PMC to discuss the list. Each seems sane but in aggregate may have cost.
  • Postmortem from before
    • Some discussions about iterations/tests being too much time
    • If get off the train can get back on at M4.
  • Board wants to improve usability and out of box experience
    • Much debate about whether and extent to this is desirable
    • Today each project decides on its own level of usability/OOB experience

TPTP came up as positive example a few times during PC meeting

  • e.g., having defined rampdown policy documentation
    • kudos :-)


Question from Harm: What does being part of Ganymede mean? Does it just mean that schedule was synchronized or does it mean that the whole was extensively tested together.

    • Oliver noted that this was exactly the PC debate. There are differing opinions in Eclipse.
    • Harm asks what the value is of being part of Ganymede or are we just there because we were there in Callisto.
      • An alternative could be to still have annual releases but not be part of the simultaneous release proper.

Notes on this question:

  • We are not currently part of one of the core install options/packages
  • Being in simultaneous release used to be a measure of stability. Now there seem to be more projects...

  • Joe Toomey gave a talk at EclipseWorld. Attendance was up
    • This is good.
  • AI : Get submissions for EclipseCon
    • Deadline in a few weeks...
    • Overall stats for Eclipsecon are that 17% of slots have been submitted

Test automation

  • Some progress getting proof of concept hooked up
    • Blocked on a defect. Hope to have something demo-able by next Wed

Profiler Usability

1 person already gave some interest -- Boris B -- not yet much information

  • Oliver did raise it at PC
    • Mentiond that we will have platform requirements
      • there were some nods from some potential folks

Future PMC Agenda item: Dedicate ~5-10 minutes on future PMC to go over this

  • AI: Draft of announce to go out and targeted recipients and timeline.

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